Fuel oil instead of diesel? Legal and is it possible at all?

Heizoel Tanken schwefelarm auto diesel Heizol statt Diesel tanken? Legal and is it possible at all?

The view that diesel is distinct from heating oil only by the red color, it is a widespread theory that. But this is also true? Can be used instead of diesel also heating oil refuel? We will explain to you and tell you why what seems cheap at first can quickly become quite expensive expensive can become. Heating oil and diesel are different than many believe. Although until the mid-1990s there were off red color hardly any chemical differences between the fuel and the heating oil, the facts of the case are current different dar. heating oil is still dyed red but in the meantime also additionally with a marker provided to prevent misuse in diesel engines. But why is heating oil used for diesel engines at all? The reason for this is the significantly better taxation heating oil versus diesel.

Differences: heating oil and diesel

Since both heating technology and car engines are constantly being developed further, the fuel oil and. Adapt fuels. this is one of the reasons why diesel and heating oil nowadays have distinguish more clearly from each other than 20 years ago.

Heizoel Tanken schwefelarm auto diesel rot Heizol statt Diesel tanken? Is this legal and is it even possible?

sulfur content:
a big difference between fuel oil and diesel shows up in the sulfur content. While diesel with a content of 10 mg sulfur per liter quasi as sulfur-free the value for low-sulfur heating oil EL is significantly higher and amounts to 50 mg/l. Therefore, the combustion of heating oil in diesel engines can lead to the emission of sulfur dioxide come, which forms a sulfurous acid in the engine compartment. Since engine oils have hardly any neutralizing base reserves left, the acid damaging to the engine. Consequently, it can corrosion the exhaust system and come to an early engine damage.

Additives: another difference lies in the additives that are added directly in the refinery to both diesel fuel and heating oil EL (extra light), and which differ significantly from each other.

other additives: since diesel fuel is produced according to DIN 590, it also contains additives that reduce the ignitability (cetane number) guarantee. Heating oil EL are however no additives added to improve the ignition, therefore it can be increased soot formation (coking), strong nail and a faster wear of the engine come.

Rolling coal tuning diesel pickup e1606736075382 fuel oil instead of diesel? Legal and is it even possible?

agents for better filterability: diesel fuel is filtered in winter or. In the transitional period with active ingredients which reduce its filterability and make it more protect the engine. Thanks to these active ingredients, diesel, for example, remains more stable at a temperature of -20 °C filterable. The flowability of heating oil, on the other hand, can be impaired even at a temperature of +5 °C. However, the situation is even worse at minus degrees, because from -10 °C forms fuel oil kerosene crystals, which is the filter clog.

difference between feed oil and diesel:

And also when refueling feed oil from the discounter, you should continue to think of the treasury. A vegetable oil, which is intended for use as a fuel, must also be taxed become. However not as high as the mineral oil sprit. If one drives thus with fuel oil in the car, then one is obligated after the energy tax law to announce to the responsible main customs office a tax declaration and to submit the corresponding tax amount to be paid. More on the subject of cooking oil can be found in the following article: vegetable oil (pol) refueling!

Vegetable oil refuel car diesel e1616491359403 fuel oil instead of diesel? Legal and is that even possible?

Particularly important: the legal aspect

If you operate diesel vehicles, emergency power systems or work machines with heating oil instead of diesel fuel, you will cause yourself punishable. You commit namely tax evasion. If you are caught by customs with heating oil in your vehicle, you have to pay the lost energy tax for the complete tank volume. In extreme cases threaten substantial fines or up to 5 years in jail. And the check of the tank content is possible without a chemistry lab. Especially because of the red dye. In principle, however, there are also some exceptions and so an operation of mains replacement systems with heating oil is in the event of a catastrophe not punishable. In such a case, a test must be carried out before the first use approval from the relevant main customs office be obtained.

Our conclusion – fuel oil instead of diesel?

fuel oil is to be used instead of diesel not a good idea. You are not only making punishable, but can also be partly serious and expensive damage at the powerplant and its attachments (exhaust gas purification system, DPF, cat etc.) cause. Driving the car with heating oil is theoretically possible – but not recommended.

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