Funny christmas greetings

Christmas is the feast of the family and the time for contemplation and gifts. During the holidays, many people think of their friends and acquaintances and want to give them a little pleasure. A nice Christmas card is suitable for this with a personal saying or greeting ideal.

Sometimes the choice of a Christmas greeting is not so easy. Do you feel the same way? Are you looking for suitable sayings for a friend, a relative or for family members and are worried because you already have a certain idea of ​​the greeting? The saying must be interesting and funny. It should make the other person laugh and stay in their memory for a long time. So far, have you had no success finding a funny Christmas greeting because you find most Christmas greetings anything but imaginative and not funny at all? Would you like a really funny Christmas greeting? Then take a look at our funny Christmas greetings and choose the most suitable one. Our funny Christmas sayings are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s lips. Have fun reading and sending!

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Funny Christmas greetings

The following collection has a lot of funny sayings for funny Christmas cards or otherwise written greetings. But be careful: what appears funny to you does not have to be perceived as funny by the recipient. Joke and humor are not for everyone. Sayings used should therefore be carefully considered before they are sent out for Christmas. Click through our list of funny Christmas greetings. Here we go!

I do not know
if you already know,
Santa Claus is missed badly.
He was sitting on his high-tech sled
and rode to the South Pacific,
at least that’s what they say,
now somebody else has to go.

Merry Christmas wishes.

Oh Santa, what I was at attention!
First one, then two,
The shower came quickly.
A mulled wine and a schnapps,
The grin came instantly.
Fought me home,
Was almost there and fell on the chin.

Slowing Christmas greetings from.

The tree burned, gift forgotten,
the goose is already eaten
and only stupid gifts on the table,
well then a nice Christmas Eve!

Rudolph has a red nose, the mulled wine presses his bladder.
Drunkenly he flies from house to house and sends my Christmas greetings to you.

If you show me your Christmas tree balls, I will show you my gingerbread man. And then the Christmas bells will ring for us.

Merry Christmas, my dream princess!

Do you have any plans for Christmas? I’m looking for a donkey for the nativity scene.

Greetings for Christmas sends …

Don’t be surprised if you wake up in a dark brown sack one night. Because then Santa has at last got my wish list!

Merry Christmas wishes.

This year I will completely do without all of the Christmas wishes. Because the stress with writing and writing is really on my balls!

This year I wanted to send you something charming, exciting and beautiful for Christmas. At the post office, however, it was said that I should step out of the package, otherwise they would contact the security service. This is why this boring message is coming to you: Merry Christmas!

Who stumbles so late through the night and the wind? It’s the drunk Christmas pig that laughs and sings! One wish for you, that’s for sure: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

There’s a lot to do in the Christmas season,
that’s why I leave WhatsApp alone.
But when it becomes contemplative for me,
you will surely hear from me again!

Dear XXX, did you know that Santa Claus is an anatomical marvel? He has the sack on his back and a tip on his head.

Now you can show off your family’s great knowledge again at Christmas. Have fun and greetings!

When the snow falls wonderfully
and the mulled wine tastes so great,
when we always chew cookies
and so happy a snowman to build,
then we know, it is so far:
It’s here, the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Oh, you happy Christmas time,
I am ready for you,
because I could get hold of it,
Presents for Christmas morning,
because I don’t have a lot of cash,
in my pocket, in my Täsch,
maybe you can this year,
come later, everywhere,
and cookies i have also not,
because my oven is not hot,
and the delicious Christmas roast,
is totally wrong this year,
and therefore, dear Christmas time,
I am not ready for you.

So be it: I still wish you a delightful Christmas season!

Around Christmas time, it seems crazy, suddenly no one is depressed anymore. Everyone is happy, laughs, puts me in a mood as I am amazed every year. Where is this cheerfulness the rest of the year? That’s where it comes to me: it’s because of the mulled wine, it’s clear!
Funny Christmas greetings sends.

The Christmas table is empty and empty,
the children look stupid.
Then the father makes a noise,
the children start laughing.
So you can even with small things,
make the children happy.

Let rattle and a happy festival!

Jean-Paul Sartre once said: Christmas is a celebration of joy. Unfortunately, they don’t laugh enough.
That has to change, I thought to myself! That’s why tomorrow I’m sitting like God made me and only dressed with Rudolph’s red nose in the old people’s home and handing out presents. It’s a shame you can’t be there! Best regards from afar.

I just saw the Christ child, it was standing at the bar and could hardly stand. You don’t have to hope for gifts, it drank all the money.
Gone stupid! Still greetings and a nice Christmas!

I sent you this card to remind you of the real reason for Christmas in addition to the commercial hustle and bustle: The birth of Santa Claus.

Dear XXX, I am really annoyed by your hypocrisy because you take the pill all year round and again at Christmas "Little children, come" are going to sing. Nevertheless, I love you mightily and wish you and your family a happy holiday!

I know this message will hurt you and it will literally pull the floor from under your feet. But before you find out about it from someone else, I’d rather tell you yourself: THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS!
Stand firm and take it like a man. A merry Christmas from the heart and sends your dearest wishes.

Hey Santa is at your door! Please quickly open the door so that he can give you the presents. There’s a damn hungry bear behind him! Hopefully you are fast enough. Greetings.

I wish you a Merry Christmas! And if your backside just sticks to the toilet, don’t worry. It is just my Christmas wish that has finally come true. Thank you dear Santa Claus!

Merry Christmas
is also a test,
all the food, drink and fame,
sometimes plagues us in the pants.
It gets tight on the cuffs.
That is fix.
So I wish you a new box.

Merry Christmas, yours.

What’s hanging on the Christmas tree?,
a small cinnamon star beautiful and fine.
The glow of the candles illuminates the room.
Zimtstern, you will be mine in a minute.
Take a look,
left and right.
A grip on the tree
I already have you.
Delicious and mysterious Christmas wishes .

The festival is near, the worry is great –
what am I going to give my loved ones??
Amazon only has junk,
Christmas shopping is torture.
But a pair of socks always go,
because vouchers are much worse!

Best wishes for Christmas sends.

The Christmas tree is on fire, the children are crying,
Grandpa falls asleep, there is no schnapps;
the Christmas goose completely scorched,
Uncle Hans gave scrap again.
You are only spared all this,
even if you were nice and kind!

We wish you nice presents and a peaceful Christmas.

You met Knecht Ruprecht last year,
on the fir tree at night.
It was very funny and lively
and brought you something.
Some mulled wine
and with a shot
so that health has to stay.
You meet him again,
no question.
It protects you on the health issue.

I wish you and your family a few nice Christmas days!

Soon again, you’ll see,
Santa Claus will stand in front of you.
He will give you rich gifts
in doing so, he exhausts himself terribly.
Be humble and remember,
others are worse off.
So share your rich gifts
and you will have MUCH more friends.

A peaceful time wishes.

Christmas how wonderful,
the same crap as every year.
Everyone is looking forward to it
and bought junk and kitsch.
While sipping mulled wine
and happily topple him behind.
Hope by the way,
hopefully it’s over soon!

That the day goes by very quickly. Send greetings.

Whether in the city or in the forest
It’s shitty cold everywhere!

Whatever, we wish you the best Christmas days with all your loved ones eva!

Just be careful that Santa Claus doesn’t come to you with the rod! I heard you were snotty with your fellow men in the past few days. So be nice before Christmas and do something good – otherwise no Christ child will come to you on Christmas Eve!

Christmas is every year
and the festival is always wonderful.
The Rudolph reindeer has a red nose
and I’m sure the beer will press on your bladder again.
You walk drunk through your house
and your wife will surely throw you out.

I wish you a great time and nice hours under your Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!

First my guests ate the goose.
After that, dear Santa forgot all the presents.
Nevertheless, I decorated the house very nicely.
That delighted us all.
The mother-in-law is about to come to our party
and the evening turns into a plague for me.

Therefore, I will quickly send you happy Christmas greetings!

I’m already looking forward to our party.
It will be very cozy in our nest.
And I wish you many presents
and of course delicious drinks.
You always have power with mulled wine
z. B. This will make your mother-in-law a real splendor.

I was really looking forward to a good Christmas dinner.
Unfortunately I regretted it later.
The food was so bitterly cold,
my wife is getting old.
Now I should decorate the Christmas tree.
but a cool beer would delight me a lot more.

Blessed Christmas wishes.

I heard something from outside.
Santa Claus has arrived.
Unfortunately, my level has dropped sharply again.
I guess I didn’t drink enough.
He should bring me a bottle.
Then I can serenade him.
I always want to have a drink at Christmas.
The feast of love would otherwise stink.
A quick greeting and kiss for you,
because then I have to keep celebrating.

If I had a reindeer it would have your name. Much Christmas joy today and let the red nose glow properly!

Because I love you so much, I will make another sacrifice for Christmas and plaster the Christmas stollen all by myself. Then you have much more of me.

Sweet Christmas wishes.

How about if you don’t buy gifts this Christmas but donate to a good cause? My ski vacation! That would be a really warm gesture.

Happy Holidays.

It would really be the greatest gift if you could be there for Christmas! Stop, stop! I mean, of course, the big lottery win!

No offense. Merry Christmas, my friend!

Thank you very much for being there for me at Christmas – although you know how much nonsense I always write after mulled wine …

My friend, today is the day I dedicate to you all the delicious Christmas cookies that I’m going to eat. I wish you good appetite and less stomach ache and Merry Christmas!

The table is laid ceremoniously,
on it is everything that tastes so good.
The child is good and not a brat,
in the goose is a carrot in the back.
Peace, joy, no argument –
this is merry christmas.

Very nice Christmas greetings.

Dear reader, please send us a photo of you. We are studying a nativity play and still need a donkey. Merry Christmas!

Remember: A cookie a day keeps the Christmas stress away! Merry Christmas wishes.

I heard that you ate a lot of winter vegetables (marzipan potatoes) again. How nice! Then you already got something for Christmas – namely a big belly. Therefore, my Christmas present is canceled this year and I only wish you the happiest Christmas ever!

Red socks, yellow socks, blue socks – no matter what color Santa Claus brings this year: look forward to your gifts and have a sock fashion show on Christmas Eve.
Have fun and Merry Christmas, your tennis sock wearer!

When a moose from the far north pulls the heavy sleigh,
so that everyone gets something here;
then let’s not be foolish either,
we still get in the back!
And with the ringing of the bells
we visit all the dear people.
Merry Christmas!


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