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Christmas is very important for many people. The festival of love stands for humanity, gifts and delights. Bells sound far and wide and gifts delight young and old. But even if it is about serious and profound ideas during this time, the humor for Christmas friends must not be neglected. Therefore, there are also funny Christmas sayings that can be sent on a card as humorous Christmas greetings to friends and acquaintances. They are a refreshing alternative to traditional Christmas cards and also give the recipient joy and a smile.

Christmas is just around the corner and you are still looking for funny sayings to wish someone a Merry Christmas? Then your search is finished! Because here you will find a lot of sayings about Christmas with a little wink.

As contemplative as the Christmas season is, it is also heartwarming to receive a Christmas card from a loved one that will make you laugh. Laughter is healthy and is good for the soul. What are you waiting for? Pick a funny saying and write it on a suitable card.

Such a Christmas card is a great memory, because every time, If you is opened and read, a piece of warmth and humor radiates again. Both are properties that warm the heart. Funny Christmas sayings can instantly drive away cloudy thoughts. They can therefore be regarded as an effective medicine for the heart and soul. What could be nicer for the festival of love??

A final note: As funny as our sayings are, you shouldn’t use them for business.

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Funny Christmas sayings as text

Hey, I saw the Christ child, I ran over it, it was a mistake. Unfortunately had his eyes closed, dreamed in heavenly peace while driving.

I don’t want knitted socks,
I don’t want money,
I Wishes just tell me to cook
the best Christmas roast in the world.

The children’s eyes shine, and mom & Daddy can pay.

The tree burned, the gift was forgotten, the goose is already eaten up and only stupid gifts on the table, well then a nice Christmas Eve!

The goose to the pastor: "Pastor, please tell me the truth; there is life after Christmas?"

The Scottish dream woman has her birthday for Christmas.

Do it like the Christmas bear – it doesn’t take life so hard. Don’t worry about his fur, he loves the world warm and bright. And if it is dark, he enjoys it them at candlelight!

All doors opened. All advent calendars in the supermarket are now up to date.

Dear Santa, before I start explaining everything. How much do you know?!

A deer quietly pees a deep hole in the snow, the beam glitters Christmasy: deer, pee again!

Dear good Santa Claus, I know who you are. Today you play Santa Claus and tomorrow you cart trash!

Christmas is a problem,
it is not pleasant for everyone,
because for the carp and the geese
it means the sure end.

The Christmas table is empty and empty, the children look stupid. Then the father makes a noise, the children start laughing. So you can make the children happy even with small things.

Since the thirteenth mulled wine at the Christmas market, my shoe has been pulling to the left.

Christ child, Christ child, good guest. Did you bring me something? If you have something, sit down, if you have nothing, then go right away.

I now know why Christmas was so nice in my childhood. I didn’t have to pay for the presents.

Having to do Christmas shopping in crowded stores causes Santa Claustrophobia.

I cannot iron until January because all sockets are covered with fairy lights.

Mom, the fir tree is burning.
That means the fir tree is shining, my son!
Mom, now the curtain is on too.

Rudolph has a red nose, the mulled wine presses on his bladder. Drunkenly he flies from house to house and sends my greetings.

I have a few more of these "we don’t give ourselves anything this year" Get Christmas presents.

The four ways to set up a Christmas tree:
1: crooked.
2. Something wrong.
3: If you keep your head tilted, you can actually do it.
4: It has to be that way!

Santa is stuck to the window, the whining reveals his face. I hope he gives the presents, because behind him is a grizzly bear!

Let it snow. The Christ child drives a VW. Just hear how sweet it crashes. The Christ child did not make the curve.

I don’t need to iron anymore. After Christmas, the clothes are wrinkle-free anyway.

I don’t think it’s a good thing in a nursing home "Last Christmas" to play.

Advent, Advent, a speed camera burns! First one, then two, then three, then four, so the Christmas bonus stays with you.

Dear Christ Child! I was good all year round. Well, most of the time. OK, sometimes. It’s good, I’ll buy myself!

What would Christmas be without children? Cheaper, what else?!

If I were to live in a gingerbread house, I would be homeless after 2 hours and 38 minutes.

All I want for christmas is me Ruh!

Dear Christ Child, please give all the poor women something to wear on Papa’s computer this year!

Christmas is unfortunately canceled. I told Santa Claus that you were very good this year. As a result, he fell over dead laughing.

You don’t say Christmas tree anymore. It is now said: extremely illuminated conifers with a religious background.

Sleep only six more times "I thought we were giving ourselves nothing!"

And what did you get for Christmas? A belly!

Dear Christ Child, please do not confuse my wish again this year. My account is supposed to be fat and I am slim. Thank you very much!

Christmas is a deeply religious time; a sacred time of reflection and reflection in the mall of his choice.

Dear Santa, you don’t need to give me anything this year. But could you please take my mother-in-law with me.

The most difficult task for the father at Christmas: to make it clear to the children that he is Santa Claus and to make it clear to the woman that he is not.

A cookie a day keeps the Christmas stress away.

Christmas is like a day in the office: you have all the stress and the fat man in costume gets recognition.

Christmas would be much better if raisins weren’t everywhere.


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