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Drinking games are numerous, good drinking games actually too. Inasmuch as one knows them or has the right game for every situation.

There are other games for two than for a group, in women and men, different party games enjoy greater popularity and ultimately there is always the question of what you have apart from the alcohol because so everything at hand. Cards, dice or, in the most difficult case, just alcohol. The party copter shows you funny drinking games of various kinds, without taking out the morale at this point. We finally appeal to your reason.

The best drinking games

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Types of drinking games

At drinking games you can roughly distinguish between three categories. The difference here is how much influence you have on how much you ultimately drink. Say: Decide fate or rather your own abilities, which of course steadily decrease with increasing alcohol level. Which, of course, applies to all players.

    Pure luck drinking games

These include, for example, most card games and almost all dice games. Drinking games are usually kept fairly simple in the rules, for obvious reasons, so strategy games tend to be the exception. Here, then, the luck decides how much the individual player must drink and often the goodwill of the other players. For in many a game, a player can influence who, for example, has to drink the next round. But whoever can influence in one round decides destiny.

skill Games

As the name implies, it depends on one’s own skill but how much each individual drinks. Drinking games such as quaterning, which involves trying to make a coin jump into a fellow player’s glass, require skill. In this example, as with most other drinking games in this category, one’s own dexterity means someone has to drink differently. Your own destiny, as the amount of alcohol you have to drink, again depends on the skill of the other players. With increasing alcohol level, the skill of all players decreases, which has the positive effect that the amount of alcohol tends to decrease rather than increase.

Sports Games

Sport and drinking do not go together so well, but there are still some drinking games that go hand in hand with sports activities. These include, for example, games where you have to walk a certain distance with a box of beer, but must drink this box to the finish. Here, of course, several players in a group run together.

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