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Hop, hop, ride.

Hoppe Hoppe Reiter,
when he falls he screams.
He falls into the ditch,


What do we want to do?
Stand on your head and laugh!
What should we play?

A cow that was sitting i.

A cow that was sitting in the swallow’s nest
with seven young goats.
They celebrated their anniversary

Count to the V.

We want to hide
in one, two, three, four corners.

The five chickens.

I was once in the village,
there was a storm.
Then five chickens quarreled

chain rhyme

One two Three,
old is not new,
new is not old,

Who can rhyme?

What is not rough is smooth,
what is not hungry is …
what is not thin is thick,

Elle size

The poplar speaks to the sapling:
What are you doing so wide
with the small plums?

Dumb things

Birds that don’t sing,
Bells that don’t sound,
Children who don’t laugh,

Are you already on d.

Have you been on the sun?
No? – Then break out of a broom
a little piece of walking stick

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Funny children’s poems for all ages!

Poems for children that make everyone smile.

Children’s poems can express a wide variety of feelings. Everyone likes to laugh. It is no different with children. Children love to laugh for their lives. With funny and funny children’s poems, everything goes even faster. It has been scientifically proven multiple times that children learn faster and better in a playful environment. The learning process is more effective because the children subconsciously remember the joyful circumstances in which they have learned new things. This means that what you have learned stays in your head immediately and can be called up again and again.

A funny children’s poem can cheer up the mood very quickly. What is necessary for this? Not much, actually. At you will find a huge selection of children’s poems of all kinds. You can find out immediately how quickly you can put a smile on a child’s face. You can search for poems you know or simply get inspired. So you can find funny children’s poems for your children at an incredible speed.

Nursery rhyme – hoppe, hoppe, rider, nursery rhyme – beep, beep, beep or children’s poem – contradictory, who knows these funny children’s poems? Do you also know this text here: "It was dark, the moon was shining brightly, the green corridor was covered with snow when a car drove around the corner in a flash." Many other texts have been gathered for you on

So you can find funny children’s poems in a flash and have fun with your children. Learning a language is not difficult. It is an easy task, especially for children, because your receptiveness and thirst for knowledge are almost infinite in the first years of kindergarten and primary school. So you can recite funny children’s poems with the little ones, memorize them and have them recited. This is fun for everyone and you learn a lot of new words and connections at the same time. Just take a look at the other categories and find the right children’s poems for every old around every opportunity.

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