Funny outdoor games will get kids going

Reading time: 3 minutes With increasing age, many children develop from active movement specialists to couch potatoes. These fun outdoor games encourage kids to get more exercise. The playful movement promotes the healthy development of the children and has a positive effect on your child’s motor skills. The fun game ideas motivate Your child to let off steam.

Funny outdoor games will get kids going

Games against "zero buck"

School children, in particular, have no desire to let off steam in the fresh air after doing their homework. But movement creates the necessary balance for the mental stress. Typical couch stools are often over-turned and unfocused. Funny outdoor games motivate children to exercise more. Just give it a try and discover how playful activities promote mental and physical balance in your child.

Attention cell phone

Almost every elementary school student wants a cell phone and, if possible, an iPod. Aside from their actual utility, the devices are loved because they have games installed on them. Make sure that your child does not move outside to play in a hidden corner on the electronic device. Instead of scolding your child, just suggest these fun outdoor games and you’re guaranteed to forget their electronic toys.

Funny outdoor games

For a child: search and find

Hide small items in the garden or back yard. For example, clip clothespins on shrubs or garden tools. Or hide a new ball or jump rope that your child is guaranteed to try out right away.

ball Games

If boys have a soccer ball, they kick, dribble and shoot immediately. But it is also fun to tackle tasks with the ball. Example: Throw the ball 10 times against the wall and catch it, hit the ball 9 times against the wall, throw 8 times with one hand and catch it again.

Read our ideas for more ball games.

miniature golf

Why not set up a mini golf course in your own garden or back yard? All you need is a broom as a golf club, a small ball and some imagination. Obstacles are old rags, bottles or toys. Holes are punched in old cans.

scavenger hunt

Photograph striking corners or details of objects in the backyard or garden, but only a greatly enlarged section. The pictures print. Can your child use the photos to find the items?


The children paint a paper plate and throw it outside as a Frisbee. Set up a bucket or draw a circle. Can your child throw his disc into the target?


Who says you can only balance on a fallen tree? Simply paint a chalk line on the floor or lay a rope. Your child can balance on this.

Smart transportation

Ask your child to find two sticks. It picks up different objects, for example toys, a rag, a stone. It becomes more difficult if the object is transported a short distance.

Paper airplane contest

Maybe your child doesn’t like to go outside alone. Then ask your child to compete. Who can make the best paper plane? Everyone folds their paper plane, preferably with different colored paper. Then the plane is thrown outside. Which one has the better flight characteristics?

Funny outdoor games for several children

Little tree change

Catching is not particularly popular with unsporting children. This variant has no losers and is suitable for players of different ages. A player is the catcher and stands in the middle. The others look for a tree or mark their spot with stones or chalk. The catcher shouts: "Little tree, change yourself!" Everyone, including the catcher, is looking for a new clearance. Whoever goes empty-handed is the next catcher.

Clothespin robbery

A game to play around with: each child attaches five clothes pegs to their clothes. Everyone tries to chop off the other clothespins. The captured clips can be attached to the player’s own clothing. Those who do not have parentheses are eliminated.

Twisted round-the-bet

A route for a race is determined. Now the children agree on one way of getting around: running backwards, on all fours, running sideways, jumping on one leg.

balloon hopping

Every child receives a balloon. Do not inflate too hard and then clamp between your knees. Which child is the quickest to hop from start to finish without losing the balloon? Alternatively, the children clamp a stick or stone between their legs.


The children are in a playground that is not too big. Only jumping on one leg is permitted as a form of movement. The children try to get each other out of balance by poking each other on the shoulder. Who with both legs touches the ground, is eliminated.

potato race

Each child receives a potato (or a stone) and marks it with a colored pencil. From the start line, each child rolls their potatoes one after the other as far as possible towards the destination. Each child can then move up and roll their potatoes from the new location. Who reaches the goal first?

Cobweb Hüpfspiel

Draw a spider web on the floor with chalk. Outside the distances are wide, then the space becomes narrower.
The children first hop with their legs closed from the edge of the net to the middle and out again. Whoever touches the net stays stuck. If you can do it, repeat the exercise first on the right leg, then on the left leg. Can someone also hop backwards through the net??

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