Galactic gifts for space birthday

Your child is into everything that has to do with space? Are you looking for a space-themed gift for your upcoming birthday or Christmas? Rockets, astronauts or lunar vehicles are very popular? The little researcher is passionate about all rocket launches and wants to know everything about the solar system?

Here are our ideas for what gifts you can make the eyes of a little space fan shine with. Whether birthday, Christmas or Easter – there is guaranteed to be something there!

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Space Toys

The child wants toys? With the motto space there are not only very nice gift ideas, they also challenge skill!

Gifts for the universe children’s room

How about a gift to beautify the little astronaut’s nursery? Here are our space ideas:

Clothing for space fans

It will be a space-birthday? Then of course the right outfit as a gift should not be missing!

  • Birthday shirt with number and rocket *
  • funny alien socks *
  • Astronaut Costume *
  • Space patches and iron-on patches for clothing
  • Funny alien knitted hat *

Handcraft & creativity

It is great fun when the gift inspires space enthusiasts to become creative themselves after the children’s birthday party. Here we go:

media & Knowledge about everything

holes to you your children with thousands of questions about space, the solar system and distant galaxies? Fortunately, there are great books that explain everything simply and precisely. The perfect Gift Idea!

  • Exciting books about space, e.g. a space atlas with pop-up planets *
  • Manual "How to become an astronaut" *
  • Research game "Solar System" *
  • Was ist Was – Blätterquiz Universe with 100 questions and answers
  • Identification and quiz cards with 50 constellations and planets *
  • Space radio plays, e.g. "The no dragon coconut in space" *
  • DVDs to discover space, e.g. from "What is what" *
  • Mobile "solar system" *
  • Heaven Globe *
  • a voucher for the planetarium near you

Practical & witty

The birthday child already has all toys and books about space? With these more unusual gift ideas you can still get a hit:

Little things (also perfect as party favors)

Are you looking for a small souvenir or a gift to fill the guest bags at the end of the children’s birthday party? These little gift ideas are fun and the perfect end to any space theme party!

Free templates for your space party

The presents are concerned, but now the guests still have to be invited and the party prepared? No stress, with our free downloads it is very quick. In our separate contribution to the space party you will find invitation cards and a matching greeting card decoration for cake, dessert and the guest bags! -> to the ideas for the astronaut party


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