Games against anger: this is how they help children to reduce aggression

Reading time: 2 minutes Children, like everyone else, sometimes feel a lot of anger. It is important not to simply swallow these emotions, it is not healthy for the small child’s soul. Here you can read about the great games against anger.

Games against anger: How to help children reduce aggression

Sometimes there are days when children just feel uncomfortable, are annoyed with things, are simply not in a good mood or just have a real rage in their stomach. Unfortunately, they usually don’t know how to deal with this feeling properly. Some children just swallow their frustration, while other children become aggressive towards others – both are still the wrong way.

Game actions to reduce anger and aggression

Every child feels anger and anger, which is completely normal, so games are particularly good for letting them out in a protected environment and feeling normal. For the smaller children you still need different games than for the larger children.

  • Out of bounds:
    This game is well suited for children from 4 years old. You need some magazines and catalogs. Here, the children can let off steam and tear the magazines to their hearts’ content with loud cries of anger. Who can tear up the magazines the fastest??
  • No!:
    All players from 5 years of age line up in a circle. The first one starts to shout "NO!" He looks to the left of his neighbor, who then continues this in turn. If the players have not yet shouted loud enough, the round must be repeated again.
  • Pillow Fight:
    Inflate balloons and put them in empty pillow cases. Pillows can also be used in this game. Who can burst most of the pillows or manage to hit their opponents on the buttocks??
  • Crushing balloon:
    The inflated balloons are distributed throughout the room. The players can now run around in the room after the start command. Who will be the fastest to crush 5 balloons with their feet??

Anger games for older children – some suggestions

These games are now wonderfully suitable for older children from the age of 6.

  • I tell you what I want:
    All children line up in a circle, however, so that there is some space between the players. The first player turns to his neighbor and shouts what he wants, for example: "Get away", "Leave me alone", "Go away", "Stop", … This game is particularly suitable for very shy children, themselves thereby defending more, even if it takes a lot of effort in the beginning.
  • Ground fight on a soft mat:
    A large, thick mat is placed in the middle of a room. Two children can now compete against each other in a duel. Nevertheless, it must be agreed in advance that the player will be interrupted immediately if there is a loud "stop". The goal is who can put the opponent on his back and stay on top himself.

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