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Bini Bambini Academy

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"Painting and dancing" is a creative space for children. Draw all the colorful, mischievous creatures step by step. Watch the newly drawn crocodile come to life and dance to rock and roll, or a fox play a fiery salsa.

Press the buttons and follow the silly steps of a hippo, panda, cat or one of the many other characters. Create a unique dance for each of them. Speed ​​it up or slow it down. Mix and match the different actions. Show your imagination and create a true dance masterpiece!

Think and draw your own dancer! Make a purple monkey or a cute panda in all the colors of the rainbow. We deliver the pens, you decide which color your dancer will have! Each character can be redrawn any number of times. Show your imagination and draw a new dancer every time!

"Painting and dancing" – This is:
– a unique learning method for the little ones
– 20 funny animated characters
– 20 great dance melodies
– Trace contours
– over 100 fun animations and sounds
– Development of small motor skills
– Simple, intuitive interface
– Painting game for children from 2 to 6 years
– First hands preparation for writing
– Development of creative skills
– parental control
– No external advertising

Drawing on the screen of the cell phone is entertaining for the child, it brings joy and pleasure. Even toddlers can easily and easily paint likeable figures on their own! Voice prompts and dotted lines help your child to quickly identify good artistic habits and develop fine motor skills.

In a playful way, the game becomes "Painting and dancing" Your child help with, learn to paint! Welcome to a world of happy characters and great melodies! Unusual combination of painting and dancing animation really makes this game unique. Download it and find out for yourself! Play and learn, paint, dance and have a lot of fun "Painting and dancing"!

Only part of the content is accessible in the free version of the app. To get the full version, you have to make an in-app purchase.

More about Bini Bambini:

Bini Bambini is a group of enthusiastic professionals, including designers, artists, animators, programmers and musicians. We create digital games for children. Our goal is to create educational and development games for children. Children are known to learn about the world through games and fun. For children, playing is as natural as breathing. For this reason, we focus on developing apps that encourage children’s creativity and natural curiosity.

Please note that all of our games are safe and do not collect personal information. They are also free from third party advertising. Make our games children and their parents have fun.
Thank you for downloading our app!


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