Games for indoors from 3 years

In the following now birthday games for children from 3 years. These games are great for the home or other space. The games have all been tried and tested by the children "Excellent" rated. So here are our TOP games for children’s birthdays, which are ideal for bad weather:

Dress blindly
This game is fun dress up.
A large laundry basket with as many different items of clothing as possible is provided:
Jackets, sweaters, hats, scarves, undershirts, etc.
It gets particularly funny when the clothes are much too big for the children: the older and more unusual things are, the better ;-)) A player is now blindfolded.

He takes a piece of clothing from the laundry basket and tries to feel what he has fished out. Then he puts it on. This game is also great fun for the children who are watching! Afterwards you can still dance.

cotton blow
In the middle of the table is a small ball of cotton wool. The children are now sitting tightly around the table, with their hands under the table. The cotton ball is now blown back and forth by the children. He mustn’t fall off the table. The two players, between whom the cotton wool falls, are eliminated until no one is seated at the table.

chocolate Eating
All the children are sitting at the table, with a bar of chocolate in the middle. There are clothes on a chair, such as: hat, jacket, pants.
It is now rolled alternately and until a child has rolled a 6. This must now quickly pull things off the chair. The other children continue to roll the dice. If the child manages to get dressed and no 6 has been rolled yet, they can eat a piece of the chocolate. If another child rolls a 6 in time, the child has to take things off immediately.
A fun game, because by the time a child comes to eat, the next child has already rolled a 6. Absolute speed is really important here ;-))

The dump bag is around
The children sit on the floor, form a large circle and look to the center. You can’t turn around. The hands are behind the back. A child stands outside the circle and holds it "Plumpsack" in your hand (for example a cloth or a toy). The children sing the song about the sack:

"The sack goes around, the sack goes around
and who turns or laughs,
he gets humped up.
Don’t turn around! ”

The child with the sack in hand goes around the circle and drops the sack behind some child. Then it runs around the circle. The child, behind whom the fluff sack lies, must pick it up, stand up and also run quickly around the circle. Whoever first reaches the gap in the circle is allowed to sit down and the remaining child goes around the circle again with the sack. The game starts over.

Blindman’s Buff
By counting a child is selected, which the "Blindman’s Buff" plays. The child is now blindfolded with a cloth so that he can no longer see anything.
In addition, it is rotated several times in a circle so that it loses its orientation. The other children run into confusion and make themselves by calling or tapping the "Blind cow" noticeable. The "Blindman’s Buff" must now try to catch a child, which will then catch the new one "Blindman’s Buff" can play.

silent post
All players have to sit as close together as possible in a circle.
A teammate who can start is selected. This has to come up with a long term or phrase. If he has found a suitable one, he whispers this term quietly to his left neighbor and only once in the ear. The latter in turn passes on what he has heard to his left neighbor.

The term is always passed on in a whisper, down to the last player. This loudly states what was whispered to him. All children will be amazed at what comes out in the end!
The game starts again from the beginning!

Each player receives a balloon. He inflates it and then ties it to his ankle with a cord. The captain turns on the party music.
As soon as the first bars sound, there is no stopping them: All players are eager to crush the other players’ balloons. At the same time, they make sure that their own balloon does not burst.
If you defend your balloon until you are the only one left, you win.

joke bag
Fill a black rubbish bag with all sorts of fun clothes:
Shoes, hats, nightie, cardboard nose, leotard and so on.
Put the sack in the middle of the room and start playing music. The children then line up in a circle and let a balloon go around. When the music stops, the one who is holding the balloon in his hand without looking must fish out of the bag and put it on – no matter what it is. Then turn the music back on. The game continues until the sack is empty.
To forget Not you, To take photos of the children!

This game is very popular with young children.
A candy or small gift is hidden under a pot. Each child is blindfolded in turn, and they must hit the pot with a wooden spoon. The other children conduct with the instructions like “warm", "cold", "freezing" or “hot".

Pack suitcase
When packing suitcases, the children sit in a circle and have to remember objects that are packed in a suitcase. Each player must list all items that have already been mentioned in the correct order and add another one.
e.g. “I pack my suitcase and take with me: sunglasses”!
The next child then: "I pack my suitcase and take with me: sunglasses, pajamas!" And so on! If you forget something, you have to give up a deposit and packing your suitcase starts all over again.

Stop Eating
This game can be played very well on the coffee table or at dinner.
All children sit at the table and eat normally. The first child says: "Stop!" All children must immediately remain in the position they were in. Anyone who moves or laughs has to give up a deposit. Now it is the turn of the second child in the round to say “stop”.
The game can be repeated as many rounds as long as it is fun for the children!

Pawn award
In this game, the pledges that while collected at the celebration. And this is how it works:
The deposit pieces are all placed in a large basket and a game master is drawn. The children all sat in a circle. The first child goes to the center of the circle, his eyes are blindfolded. The game master now holds the first deposit in his hand and asks the child in the middle: "What should he do whose deposit I have in hand?"
"He should get on a chair and crow like a rooster!" Or: "He should sing a song". " give someone a kiss ”. "run to the neighbor and ask what time it is" etc.
The pawn holder must now complete the task and will get his deposit back after it has been successfully completed.
Now it is the turn of the second child from the circle to sit in the middle. The eyes are blindfolded again and the game master takes the next deposit from the basket. The game continues until all of the pledges have their owner again.

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Last but not least:
Do you know any other fun games for children’s birthday that you would like to share with other readers? Then let us know! Just send us yours proposals to our email. We look forward to your mail!


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