Gardening tips for garden design for a beautiful garden


Many useful gardening tips for gardening and gardening. Now the garden landscaped, better maintained and clever. Helpful guides and tips for your garden with many helpful and easy gardening tips.

Whether it’s for the decoration of the garden, the care or the furniture: here you will find tips and tricks for a beautiful garden. Clever housewife tips for gardening, your vegetable garden, the crop rotation, the garden floor or simple turf tips.

What to do about moles or stray cats in the garden? How do I combat pests that have affected the plants by natural means? And how do I avoid black fingernails when gardening?

Tips on safety during summer gardening

Spring is now in full swing, summer is approaching and many of us will spend more time outdoors. This could mean mowing the lawn, taking care of the garden or a bigger project could also […]

Tips and tricks for the hobby gardener

Before your own garden becomes a place of retreat and relaxation in the first days of spring, some gardening needs to be done. Spring is the best season to plant a vegetable patch. The vegetable garden planning should already be started in winter. Vegetable beds in […]

Watering tips and tricks

Watering tips and tricks. For the flowers to grow and flourish and blossom in the most splendid colors, they must be properly cast.

Instructions for making potting soil yourself

Good potting soil is the prerequisite for beautiful, healthy plants. Therefore, one finds in garden centers, or in DIY stores, an oversupply of potting soil. One promises more than the other! Garden soil, iris, vegetable soil, potting soil, etc. For every plant it seems the perfect […]

The 5 best gadgets in the garden for plants

The best helper for plants and in the garden. Small useful helpers, gadgets and tools for the garden.

16 home remedies as plant fertilizers & garden fertilizer

Use natural home remedies as plant fertilizers and flower fertilizers. Consequently, there are many useful household wastes that are well suited as organic fertilizer biofertilizers.

Instructions and tips for drying herbs

Many useful tips and tricks for drying garden herbs. Now it’s easy to dry your own herbs. Because there is nothing better than to cook with your own garden herbs.

Tips on beetroot and home remedies

Grandma’s tips about beetroot in the garden. As a home remedy, she is very good. The flower beds is a traditional vegetable from Europe and represented in many gardens.

Easy and quick to make ivy offshoots

You can not go wrong with the offshoots of the ivy plant. Ivy is robust and very vigorous. It belongs to the Araliaceae and there are six different species distributed all over the world, hence the tenacity and contentment of the ivy.

Fight agents against snails to snails

Fighting snails made easy and finally driving the snails in the garden. The snail attack can be tackled with simple home remedies. The right means of controlling slugs at a glance.

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