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The zodiac sign Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac and this air sign is dominated by Mercury, and this becomes clear only too quickly. The zodiac sign Gemini begins on May 21 and ends on June 21.
Twins decades:

The 2020 annual horoscope for the zodiac sign Gemini: Where’s the next tree you can pull out? With your power you will cause a sensation again in 2020!

A pure feast will not be served to you in 2020. At least in the first half of the year, you often have to be satisfied with dry black bread: "First the duty, then the free program" is the motto that does not exactly suit your love of colorful diversity.

But it doesn’t help: until June your spirits are not as awake as usual. Saturn whispers annoying questions in your ear: "Didn’t you even start with much bigger dreams?" And somehow, you think, he’s right.

You will change a lot professionally and privately, and this can lead to turbulence. Maybe you want one Child and Your partner not? Or you can quit your job before you have an alternative and thereby offend your colleagues. But with all the tohuwabohu that can arise, your communication skills and talking to friends will help you.

From June onwards you will have more fun together: The good mood returns and your life will run smoothly again. In the job you now know what you want and you get it promptly, in love the sun shines again, and even financially you have an unusually good hand.

If in September and October Jupiter gives you an extra dose of joie de vivre, you hardly know where to put your energy: It will be a hot autumn – not least for your heart …

In 2020, two tough guys will determine what’s going on with you: Saturn and Pluto. That does not mean a relaxed life, but with the two at your side, no one should be able to hold their own in terms of power, consistency and tenacity.

You shouldn’t pass these energies on in small details. Now it can be a little more: you finally open your own shop with your colleague, build a house, emigrate – anything in this direction could happen.

In exuberance you shouldn’t think of yourself as Obelix; They keep coming to them border Your resilience and sometimes a step beyond. Of course, it takes revenge, and then your foundations shake. Especially in May, you are plagued by livelihoods, although the reality looks much better than you think with your visionary glasses.

Treat yourself to a few pampering breaks, then things will go up again, and by July you have achieved a crazy workload. You can reap the success and have digested at least one painful farewell. Not necessarily that of your partner – even if your love will be put to the test.

The danger is that you expect too much from him, much more than you want to give yourself. The situation relaxes from October to December: you are in a really good mood and enjoy life. A wonderful end to the year!

While the colleagues need an hour, you are ready in five minutes, if others have an idea, you come with ten more – and usually the best. You can do this until July. Uranus is the name of the planet to which you owe the fireworks of energy, intuition and joie de vivre, which is wonderful for you first Bestowed half of the year.

Everything you tackle now has great momentum, so grab it! Sleep, rest, relax? They hardly know what that is. And are still always fit. Almost scary, especially if you wrap one guy after the other with your stunning charm.

Singles do not necessarily want to tie themselves tightly, the dream prince would have to gallop up. If you have a loved one at home, you often let them braise. Flirting through the bars is much nicer than sitting with him in front of the telly.

In summer, the vortex comes to an end: you are full, no, actually you ate yourself a little. And the pendulum turns over. You fluctuate between brooding and repression – at least you are not at peace with yourself.

In August you fight with everyone, for couples it’s time to watch out and always look for compromises. Better raise the peace flag instead of insisting on your right.


Twins and Aries are pulling together. Their common motto: If you rest, you rust – just don’t stop. Twins and twins are a lively couple. A lot of hustle and bustle is guaranteed and the topic of conversation never runs out.


Gemini and lion are very sociable. The twin takes care of the contacts, the lion then holds court with him. Twins and Libra feel destined for each other. Both need a partner with whom they can exchange ideas intensively.


Gemini and Capricorn are like fire and water. The twin loves curvy paths, the ibex looks for the straight path to the goal. Twins and cancer live in tension with each other. The twin needs a long leash, the crab seeks the fusion.


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