General anesthesia costs for 2020 wisdom teeth

General anesthetic costs for wisdom teeth:

Before the procedure, the general anesthetic costs for the wisdom teeth surgery must be clarified with the dentist. Standard operations cost between 250 euros and 350 euros per hour. The costs for twilight sleep are lower and are between 80 euros and 180 euros. The patient can find out the exact costs in a preliminary consultation with the dentist, oral surgeon or in the clinic.

Assumption of costs by the statutory health insurance:

The statutory health insurance companies cover the costs of local anesthesia and extraction during a wisdom tooth operation. The statutory health insurance companies generally do not cover the general anesthetic costs for wisdom teeth surgery. In exceptional cases, the statutory health insurance companies promise to cover the costs. Exceptions are health reasons that speak against anesthesia and a complicated removal of the wisdom teeth. If the patient is extremely afraid of the dentist and the operating room, he must prove this. In such a case, the costs can be covered.

Payment by private health insurance:

If the patient is privately insured, he should speak to his health insurance provider before the procedure and clarify the assumption of costs. Private health insurance pays the costs according to the tariff in which the insured person is. The PKV bills the dentist according to the GOZ, the fee schedule for dentists. For each step of the treatment, the dentist receives points that represent a monetary value. The attending physician multiplies the monetary value of the points by a factor that is between 1.0 and 3.5. In addition to the costs for dental treatment, there are the general anesthetic costs for the wisdom teeth surgery. The treating doctor or clinic will issue a cost estimate for the complete treatment. The insured person takes this to his private health insurance and clarifies the assumption of costs based on the cost estimate.

Individual cases require special measures. The patient should clarify with the statutory health insurance or private health insurance provider in advance of the procedure so that they do not remain at avoidable costs. Both the statutory health insurance and the private health insurance, depending on the tariff, cover the doctor’s costs for follow-up care and, if complications arise, the emergency costs. If you want to be absolutely sure, clarify the assumption of the costs with the health insurance company before the procedure. In addition to the costs of the procedure, this also includes follow-up care and the assumption of costs if the patient has to go to a clinic or an emergency practice.

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