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We would like to welcome you and are pleased that you are interested in us. our workshop has proven itself time and again as a specialist for repairs of all kinds. Individual advice and a service that is perfectly tailored to your needs are our hallmarks.

We are happy to advise you!


We make the decision easy for you: repairs, maintenance and inspections whether it’s for your used or new car, no matter what model or manufacturer we are your contact when it comes to competent automotive service.

All our work is carried out exclusively using original brand spare parts or spare parts from leading original equipment manufacturers in the automotive industry.

Customer-oriented service is our top priority. this requires a profound knowledge. Our entire team regularly takes part in practice-oriented training courses on components, repairs and workshop equipment.

Our trained and competent team is always at your disposal with a wide range of services, experience and reliable master quality in word and deed. We take care of the maintenance of your vehicle professionally.

Simply make an appointment with us and take advantage of our customer-friendly and flexible service at any time.

Our services

Wheel alignment with state-of-the-art diagnostic technology ensures greater safety on the road, reduces tire wear and improves braking performance. Your tires live longer, they consume less fuel, and the wear and tear on wheel suspension, springs, shock absorbers etc. Is reduced.

Our workshop is specialized in the service of trailers. Our work includes service on trailers of all types:

  • General inspection
  • maintenance / repair of all components
  • Axle repair
  • tire and brake service
  • electrics
  • Load securing

A lot is demanded of today’s exhaust systems. They are designed to reduce noise (silencers), minimize fuel consumption, filter harmful substances and reduce pollutant emissions reduce (catalytic converter). Weverify that these functions are fully met.

Windshields are load-bearing components in modern vehicles. Your condition is correspondingly important. Damage caused by stone impact can be repaired by us immediately. And if necessary, we can also replace the windows completely- fast and professional.

Modern batteries are highly complex storage units. More and more assistance and comfort systems, such as lights, air conditioning, seat heating and heated rear window, have to be supplied with power. Current generations of engines with start-stop systems place additional demands on the energy supplier. A regular battery check is advisable.

General garage car.-master company

Today, the brake is a complex system of electronics, mechanics and hydraulics. It not only covers brake pads, brake discs or brake fluids, but also requires knowledge of systems such as ABS, ASR and ESP. We look at these safety systems holistically and understand how to properly maintain and repair brakes.

General garage car.-master company

Every vehicle owner must have his vehicle inspected at regular, legally prescribed intervals. only with a valid sticker you are allowed to participate in road traffic. Our workshop carries out the main inspection by an officially recognized inspection organization in accordance with the legal regulations (§ 29 stvzo) by.

General garage car.-master company

Simply. Convenient. Time-saving. Our pick-up and delivery service keeps you flexible and mobile. We pick up your vehicle at your home or office and bring it back to you after work is done. And if necessary, we can keep you mobile with a workshop replacement vehicle.

General garage car.-master company

Depending on the manufacturer’s specifications, different inspection intervals are required (usually every two years or every three years). After a certain mileage). Inspections carried out by us are carried out exclusively with original brand spare parts from leading original equipment manufacturers from the automotive industry and are carried out by us in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

General garage car.-master company

We offer master-quality workshop services. All vehicle repairs are independent of the year of manufacture, brand or model. From classic inspections and general inspections* to complex bodywork, our services are carried out according to manufacturer specifications and using original brand spare parts from leading OEMs.

General garage car.-master company

An air conditioning system is a sensible comfort feature throughout the seasons For a good climate inside the vehicle, for cool heads, refreshing air and a clear view. To take full advantage of the benefits, regular maintenance and functional checks are necessary.

General garage car.-master company

We offer you comprehensive mobility solutions. Below:

  • Mobility guarantee: 24-hour emergency call, stay mobile 365 days a year throughout europe
  • Vehicle warranty: new car warranty, which takes effect after the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Used car warranty: protection against expensive repair costs
  • Service compact warranty: protection against unexpected repair costs within the scope of the warranty conditions

General garage car.-master company

Modern vehicles are becoming increasingly complex and technically sophisticated: almost all comfort and assistance systems are now controlled by digital control units; errors are stored in the fault memory.

We have the latest testing technology. With the help of our testing and measuring equipment, we can read out all common vehicles, retrieve vehicle data, perform service and recharge updates.

General garage car.-master company

Best advice and competent service are our hallmarks. we are tire experts and carry all common brands and types of tires. Our service includes the replacement and balancing of your summer or winter tires as well as the storage, we are RDKS specialist and have the necessary know-how in the work on tire pressure monitoring systems.

General garage car.-master company

We know what’s important and offer professional tire storage. Proper positioning plays a major role in preventing deformation. Optimal external conditions (light, temperature, humidity) also maintain the elasticity of the rubber compound.

General garage car.-master company

Whether it’s a small dent from a bump in the parking lot or more serious damage from a traffic accident, fiat is there for you our expert team is your competent contact for accident repairs of all kinds- and all this across manufacturers and models.

General garage car.-master company

We keep you mobile. When it comes to repairs or maintenance work on your vehicle, we offer you the opportunity to still be mobile. When you visit the workshop, you receive a workshop replacement trolley for the duration of your visit – regardless of whether the work takes just a few hours or several days.

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