General operating permit (abe) – Kfz-Zulassung 2019

General operating permit (abe) - Kfz-Zulassung 2019

ABE: General vehicle operating license

If you get your own vehicle, you can not just drive on it unhindered. Instead, some regulations must be considered and certain conditions are met. In addition to the allocation of an official license plate, each vehicle requires the so-called operating permit.

With it is, so to speak, proven that the respective car and the corresponding national regulations. There are on the one hand the Individual type approval (short: EBE) and the other the general operating permit (short: ABE).

In our guide, we want to deal with all questions around the topic “ABE for the car“. Which legal basis does this come to fruition? What are the obligations of the holder of an ABE? How and where can the Operating permit for a vehicle applied for become? What applies in the case of traffic control if the vehicle has no ABE? Read more about these and other questions here.

Special on the subject of operating permits

Operating permit for the car: legal basis

In the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (abbreviated: StVZO) are legal regulations for operating in Section B. Number II, which the §§ 18 and following includes. The Part is titled “Operating Permit and Type Approval”.

Here, § 19 StVZO regulates the Issuance and effectiveness of ABEs.

Paragraph 1 of the regulation stipulates that this must be granted if the respective motor vehicle complies with the provisions of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations and also adopts the provisions for their execution Instructions from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. In addition, the rules of EEC Regulation No 3821/85 must be respected.

The ABE is now legally standardized in § 20 StVZO. It refers to series to be manufactured or manufactured vehicles in which the manufacturer after a appropriate test issued the general operating permit can be. If there is no ABE, the Operating permit applied for become.

This is a so-called type approval, which means that all This type of vehicle received proof. This proves that the vehicle complies with the national type approval and can therefore be managed.

Who is responsible for issuing an ABE??

According to § 20 paragraph 2 StVZO decides the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, whether an ABE is granted or not. As an abbreviation for the based in Flensburg Federal Motor Transport Authority KBA is familiar. Here is also the driving fitness register.

Will the KBA the ABE requested, can this one officially recognized expert or another body commission with the respective assessment. It also determines which documents are required and submitted for the purpose of the application. These are usually corresponding forms on the KBA website.

If the general operating permit is issued by the KBA, then the owner is obliged, for each type corresponding vehicle a vehicle registration fill.

That obligation is specified in § 20 (3) sentence 1 StVZO. Here are from the KBA provided corresponding forms.

In this case, the holder of the ABE must enter the respective information about the vehicle. are several manufacturers involved in vehicle construction, so said obligation applies to each manufacturer in relation to the parts manufactured by him. Alternatively, but also a Owner of the ABE completing take over.

Furthermore, the holder of an ABE must comply with the Regulation § 20 (3a) StVZO, to fill out, for each type of vehicle corresponding to the type, a data confirmation stating that Information on the condition of the vehicle are to be entered.

How long does the operating permit remain valid??

Another question that frequently arises in this context is the, how long the operating permit remains in effect. How this is to be answered, betrays § 19 paragraph 2 StVZO. It stipulates that the ABE will remain in force until it is finally decommissioned, unless it has previously been expressly withdrawn. In addition, in accordance with the said standard, it may occasionally expire, if changes are made, by the

1. the vehicle type approved in the type approval is changed,
2. a danger to road users is to be expected or
3. the exhaust or noise behavior is deteriorated.

ABE: What applies to individual vehicle parts?

Provided certain vehicle parts a technical unit These can also be given an ABE. This applies, for example, to the installation of certain rim types. So if you want to tune your vehicle, you must make sure that the corresponding vehicle parts also from the ABE are recorded.

If this vehicle parts are used, the come from other EU countries and imported to Germany they must have a so-called EEC type-approval. This must be a corresponding official E-mark on the vehicle part.

ABE: What kind of sanctions does a violation bring??

Should a car, motorcycle or moped without a license in the public road traffic the driver must expect a fine of 50 euros.

On the other hand, in the context of a check, the Operating permit or type approval not shown, so a Verwarngeld is to be paid in the amount of 10 €.

When commissioning a truck or bus, is one Fine over 180 euros due, as well as a point in Flensburg, the vehicle should not have a valid operating permit.

Copy of an ABE for registration-free vehicles

Who for his registration-free vehicle (Moped, trailer for sports equipment, wheel loader or similar) the document loses to the ABE, who can get one Have a copy issued. After all, even such vehicles may not be run without official approval.

Instead, a corresponding proof document must be carried along, from which the jinclude technical data and any restrictions yield.

who the Operating permit actually lost has to give the authority a loss declaration on oath instead of protocol. Required is the Presentation of the purchase contract or other document of ownership.

Then the victim is a Certificate of safety issued, with whose submission a substitute ABE can be requested from the manufacturer.

General operating permit for non-registered trailers

Admission free trailers do not require a TÜV. However, an operating license must have such trailer, the built after 1 July 1961 were. Otherwise, such vehicles may not on public roads become.

FAQ: General operating permit

The ABE of a motor vehicle is allowed to drive on public roads.

The expiry of the operating permit is usually due to improper modifications to the vehicle.

If you simply do not have the document with you, there is a risk of 10 Euro in the debit. If the operating permit is extinguished, a fine of 50 euros will be charged.

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