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Genital warts

There are different types of genital warts

Genital warts are among the most common and most easily diagnosed sexually transmitted diseases in the world. Only genital herpes and chlamydia occur more often. This is a wart disease in the genital and anal area of ​​the affected.

They are transmitted by unprotected intercourse and are characterized by very small, brownish or reddish skin growths. Nevertheless, they can become quite large in individual cases. In addition, they increase the risk, especially in women, of forming tumors on the ovaries. Possible healing methods are numerous and range from medical approaches to surgical procedures.

What are genital warts??

Genital warts or Condylomata acuminata are the manifestation of the so-called. HPV virus. The HPV virus (Human Papillomaviruses) belongs to the group of so-called DNA viruses, which have meanwhile developed well over 100 different types.

If a person has been infected with said HPV virus, it usually resolves a heaped education benign tumors dating as warts represent.

Nonetheless, in special cases, it can also happen malignant tumors be trained. This is often the case, in particular, when the infected person has a weak immune system or is already suffering or suffering from a cancer.

At first are show genital warts as very small. Usually just as big as a pinhead, they start in Private parts and around the anus of the infected. It should be noted, however, that not every infected person also carries symptoms. Sometimes it comes to a so-called. “dumb infection“. That that you are infected, but the disease does not break out.

Human papillomavirus (HPV)

Nevertheless, dumb infected people are able to transmit the pathogens. However, as these very often do not know about their infection, it may be that they do not take enough protective measures and spread the infection is thus favored. That is why it is recommended to be examined regularly.

At the man They usually affect the shaft of the penis, the foreskin, the region around the anus and the entrance to the urethra, whereas they do women on the labia, the vulva and also the anus.

Especially at the Foreskin of the man This can lead to the development of larger clumps of genital warts, which make it difficult or impossible to strip the foreskin back and forth. That can be very painful sometimes. Also the Warts on the anus are not to be underestimated, as they can hamper a healthy defecation.

causes & infection

What are the causes of genital warts??

The primary reason for an infection with the HPV virus is very clear and inevitable unprotected intercourse. This is supported by the fact that one gets infected by means of a lubrication or contact infection with the viruses. This also makes it theoretically possible that any kind of skin contact, even a simple handshake, can lead to transmission of the viruses.

Unprotected intercourse is the most common cause

Nevertheless, the probabilities for the occurrence of an infection in this way are negligible. Because the viruses on hands and others can not survive enough.

Thus, too smear infections through the path of objects touched by the sufferer, theoretically possible, but highly unlikely. Even if the bacteria should thus be on the hand of a non-affected, infection is still low, since they would have to reach from there first the mucous membranes of the potential victim.

That’s why infection via sexual intercourse is the most likely. Because during the act, the conditions for successful transmission of HPV viruses are better. Self condoms do not provide complete protection against infection as otherwise skin contact during sexual activity is just as susceptible to contagion as direct penile and vaginal contact.

Nevertheless, the use of condoms at least provides some degree of protection, thereby reducing the likelihood of infection by at least a few percent.

Especially a lively change of sexual partners or the intercourse with a person with many sexual partners increase the chances of infection immensely. So, above all, dealing with prostitutes is a major source of danger.

symptoms & sign

What are possible symptoms and signs of infection with HPV viruses?

Symptoms of HPV infection or genital warts are often individually similar and therefore easily attributable to the underlying disease.

Not always are the genital warts in the genital area with the naked eye auzumachen. Sometimes they are so small that it requires a strong magnifying glass or a microscope.

The following symptoms are present throughout:

  • Education of small to medium sized warts
  • Individual warts or accumulations
  • itching
  • Blossoms
  • Burn

Warts education

Education of small to medium sized warts

The forming warts are, as already mentioned several times, often quite small and therefore sometimes difficult to discover.

Individual warts or accumulations

The genital warts do not necessarily always occur individually. It can definitely come to heaps. In these cases, many warts cluster at one point, forming larger collections.

As a result, the size and volume of genital warts can increase immensely. Thumb-thick heaps are not uncommon. Such accumulations are particularly common in the area of ​​the foreskin or the anus. Both times they can be very uncomfortable and cause problems with urinating as well as defecating.

Other symptoms

  • itching
    Genital warts can sometimes trigger very intense itching. If you look at it, this can be very unhygienic for the person concerned, especially if the itching comes from the region around the anus.
    Scratching also increases the risk of infecting other people with genital warts, as more active viruses can be found on the infected person’s hands, which may then be transferred to a new victim.
  • Blossoms
    Spontaneous bleeding is another side effect of genital warts. This can happen when the small vessels in the warts and outgrowths burst or rupture. But even too much movement, warts, especially if they sit on the inside of the thighs, due to the friction can be opened and sometimes begin to bleed heavily. This is not only unpleasant but also highly dangerous. Open, for example. The warts on the anus can be contaminated by the resulting open wounds by feces. This may possibly lead to further infections.
  • Burn
    The warts can feel like they are burning. This is due to inflammatory processes inside the ulcers. This in turn may be a cause for the o.g. Be itch. Again, it is for your own safety and the safety of others, despite the urge to scratch it.

diagnosis & examination

How are genital warts diagnosed??

Establishing a diagnosis in the case of genital warts is relatively simple, since the clinical picture in its manifestation is relatively stringent in most patients and thus one can identify the present viral disease with equal accuracy.

The attending physician usually uses a so-called “.visual diagnosis“, I. He recognizes diagnosed the suffering of the person affected by his eyes without further testing. In borderline cases, however, or in case of different uncertainties about the disease, there is the possibility, compromising the affected body parts and have them evaluated in the laboratory.

This procedure is especially important if the doctor wants to locate the exact pathogen. Although it is always an HPV virus, it can appear in many different ways, which is why the diagnosis in certain severe cases must correctly capture the origin in order to ensure a solid as possible treatment.


How does the disease go??

However, as soon as the disease breaks out, first symptoms, such as those mentioned above, become visible or noticeable. If this happens, you should go to the doctor at the latest and seek help for your condition in order to avoid more serious damage. A cure is usually not possible without medical help.

treatment & therapy

How are genital warts treated?

For the treatment of genital warts, the following resources are available to healthcare professionals:

Surgical removal of the warts

Here, the warts are either cut out by means of a scalpel and / or iced or desolated with laser or electricity and thus killed. The variant of icing is probably less aggressive and is often used to treat other warts.

Errors during surgery, however, can lead to fatal consequences if the surrounding tissue is injured. For example, The removal of warts on the shaft of the penis can be very risky. With incisions, it can lead to the loss of potency.

The same applies to the anus. Subversion of the warts in the area of ​​the anus defect may damage the sphincter, possibly leading to incontinence of the patient.


For this, the doctor can use a variety of medicines. Most often he decides to treat with acidic ointments, which can be used to kill the warts and thus die off. In addition, the doctor has many other drugs to choose from, which can effectively promote the cure of an infection with genital warts.

self-therapy & User reviews

For small recurring genital warts, there are numerous positive statements affected by the treatment by the Wartner warts.

prevention & prevention

Can one prevent genital warts??

It can be very difficult to effectively prevent genital warts or infection with the HPV virus. This is because it spreads through smear infections that are sometimes difficult to escape.

Nevertheless, there are some means and methods that at least significantly reduce the risk of infection.

These include:

  • The usage of Condoms during sexual intercourse (can reduce the risk of infection by up to 70%)
  • Decoction of underwear (Patients are advised to cook their underwear separately and not to wash with the regular laundry, which kills the viruses and helps to reduce the risk of infection of other residents)
  • Sexual education (as with all sexually transmitted diseases, it also applies to genital warts, that an early education can prevent infection, because it knows better about prevention)
    All in all, it remains to be noted that infection with genital warts with careful behavior is relatively low.

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