German child benefit to algeria, morocco and tunisia – dr

Agreements make it possible: Foreigners who live in the Maghreb can collect German child benefit. With 1-2 children you earn MORE there than when you work!

I no longer understand the world: discussions about blackboards, child and old age poverty and elsewhere we are throwing the money out with full hands!

Because German child benefit is popular.

Very popular. German financial institutions also pay it to foreigners who do not live in Germany at all.

The countries of residence of child benefit recipients in the European Economic Area:

  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Greece
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Croatia
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Austria
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Sweden
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Cyprus

But there are also states with which Germany joins Social security agreement including child benefits (!) has closed:

  • Algeria
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Serbia
  • Kosovo
  • Montenegro
  • Turkey
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia

Here’s what you have to do:

Someone who lives in Algeria, Morocco or Tunisia can collect German child benefit!

Numbers man and sons

Many people no longer understand the world: Germany is also VERY generous when it comes to child benefit and pays it out in many countries. Also in the Maghreb countries Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, with whom – for me WITHOUT need – "social security agreements" were concluded.

If you compare the monthly wages there with the amount of child benefit flowing from Germany, you are speechless!

Average monthly earnings

Algeria: € 320

Morocco: € 220

Tunisia: € 280

German child benefit:

  • 194 euros Child benefit for the first child per month
  • 194 euros Child benefit for the second child per month
  • 200 euros Child benefit for that third Child per month
  • 225 euros Child benefit from the fourth child per month

That’s DAMN MUCH MONEY in these states:

With 1 to 2 children, you earn MORE there with German child benefit than when you work!

Don’t know anything

But the federal government does not seem to know much about the topic itself, because it writes:

»The Federal Government has no information on the payment amounts for children living abroad».

Not knowing how high the payment amounts are and where they are going, regardless, is only German tax money.

After all, the BA’s inventory statistics show, How many FOREIGN LEGAL ENTITIES for GERMAN child benefit are living abroad:


Measures against child benefit fraud

Various media reports consistently report illegal payments of child benefit to EU foreigners for their children living abroad.

For example, "" wrote in an article about an increase in abuse of performance in an organized form and that the number of beneficiary children has quintupled since 2010 to almost 170,000.

Here, too, the federal government is unsuspecting:

»Data about the countries in which the children live, for whom unjustified child benefit is paid, are not collected».

And as measures against fraud, the following are listed:

  • Regulations to improve the data comparison between the Central Register of Foreigners and the Family Benefits Office
  • Shortening the deadline for child benefit applications
  • Accelerate the exchange of information between registration authorities and family funds
  • Improvement of >

The federal government is optimistic:

»The aim of all measures is to identify unjustified child benefit applications more quickly overall and to avoid overpayments more effectively».

I, on the other hand, cannot convince myself and the squandering of German taxpayers’ money for children who live abroad will go on cheerfully, of that I firmly believe.

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German Bundestag: printed matter 19/562 of 01/22/2018 from May 30th, 2017

German Bundestag: printed matter 19/754 from 14.02.2018

BFH judgment of 27.9.2012 – III R 55/10

Federal Law Gazette Part I page 3155

Federal Law Gazette Part I page 1682

Federal Law Gazette Part I page 1922

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The child benefit rates for children in the Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco and for children who are only temporarily in Germany are • EUR 5.11 per month for the first child, • EUR 12.78 per month for the second child, • EUR 30.68 for the third and fourth children Euros per month, • for each additional child 35.79 Euros per month no German child benefit rates.

maybe you should get some information first, after all the foreigners pay taxes in Germany as well as a surcharge for the Brauner Harz 4 recipients and social security pension insurance.

Please provide your sources so that I can verify them.

We have been paying the health insurance contributions for Turkish guest workers and their large families in Andalusia since 1964, who have never entered German soil, let alone paid into our system;
They rebuilt our country so well (Claudia- (I see) -Roth!)

The government doesn’t know how much money goes abroad for their blanks – that I’m not laughing. The criminals against the German people know that very well. After all, Germany employs hordes of bureaucrats who could certainly list this neatly.

I don’t understand that, my daughter emigrated with her husband and child. They promptly cut her child benefit. Probably because she is a German citizen, or am I wrong.

but the “social office” is completely wrong with you…. sorry ….

according to sgb2 (social code 2) income from self-employment is included
EUR 100 free of charge…. that’s your deductible ….

in this regard you should make yourself “smart” on the web….

You have to submit a so-called “EKS” every 6 months, in which you have to state all income, minus expenses (bus, account, internet connection, car, etc.).
of course with “prove”.
but that shouldn’t be a problem, I think ….

So, EUR 100 / month is FREE OF CHARGE ….

this is clearly regulated in the SGB ….

they have tied up the “ladies’ clerk” in this regard, or do not know that themselves, even though they MUST KNOW…

Wishing you all the best…

best regards from tx

To be honest, the spit is gone!

My pension is not enough to live due to raising children; a fate that millions of other women share with me. My rent is paid by the social welfare office and so is my health insurance. So far so good.

However, I have e-books on sale and have to report the income to the social welfare office. If I e.g. 30 euros a month from the sale of E-books I can keep 14.50 euros of it.

And then the government claims that there would be no disadvantage for Germans compared to migrants.

I am financially punished for raising children.

they are kidnapped by them until it no longer works!!
They are not allowed to deduct anything at all, because these earnings are untaxed, they would first have to be taken into account or settled!
Take all the documents you have and go immediately to the next social court, there are employees who will check everything and if you are right, I assume 100%, immediately put an injunction against this social court against that Social welfare office, a!
Everything for free for you, I promise!
In addition, they are classified at the tax office as a hobbyist and therefore do not have to pay taxes on the few toads!!
The bottom line for them is likely to be even a few euros more!!
But you have to do it yourself!

… and for our people in need of care, 50% of this group of people will soon need social assistance, since the personal contribution for a decent care can no longer be financed from their own pension ……!
These people helped build our social system!


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