German family insurance: fully digital Conclusion of contracts using alexa

German family insurance: fully digital Conclusion of contracts using alexa

German Family Insurance: Fully Digital Conclusion of contracts using Alexa

Frankfurt am Main – The Insurtech German Family Insurance is facilitating a fully digital conclusion of contracts using cloud-based voice service Amazon Echo. Last year, the Frankfurt-based InsurTech was already the first German insurance company to launch their own Alexa Skill on the market. Now, customers insurance contracted now using Alexa. Dr. Stefan M. Knoll, founder & CEO of the German Family Insurance: “Thanks to our proprietary IT platform which is a highly modern event & java-based portfolio management system, we have finally succeeded in making the fully digital conclusion of contracts using Amazon Alexa a reality. The customer can now only receive advice from Alexa. The Matrix of 16 Health Insurances and the 16-Year Matrix Property (Matrix of 16 Property Insurances) . “

Customers want it almost & digital: Language assistants are on the advance

According to the study published by Adcubum known as the “Digital Insurance 2018”, almost every fifth of which can be concluded concluding an insurance contract via a digital language assistant. In addition, according to a Statistic survey, the number of people using digital assistants has more than doubled over the past three years. Driven by these developments, the successful integration of Alexa into the German Family Insurance. Dr. Stefan M. Knoll adds: “It is correct that the number of people who use Alexa & Co. on is still relatively low, but 10 years ago, the mobile phone most frequently sold on the Nokia market. The Business Business wants to remain unscathed by this massive change process “. You can find an English language demo by following this link:

An international presence: The InsurTech Connect & Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA)

Insurtech, German Family Insurance was recently added to two major Insurtech events. At the "Insurtech Connect" in Las Vegas and the "Digital Insurance Agenda" in Munich, spoke the founder and CEO, dr. Stefan M. Knoll, about the vision of insurance sales via digital language assistants. Dr. Stefan Knoll: "The increasing digital habits of our customers demand such service adjustments. This wants to change the industry sustainably. In this context, I am very pleased that Deutsche Familienversicherung is perceived as the European voice of the Insurtech community. "

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