German language course for children

German children’s language course: Learn German for children

"My first interactive children’s language course"

  • German children’s language course and picture dictionary
  • For children between 5 and 10
  • Over 230 German words for a first introduction to the language
  • From the everyday world of children
  • 25 different subject areas
  • Illustrated and set to music
  • Innovative educational games
  • Very easy, user-friendly interface
  • Very simple and intuitive operation
  • This makes language learning fun from the start!
  • Including digital German children’s dictionary with over 3000 terms!
  • Latest version – completely revised in 2013
  • ISBN 978-3-86725-207-2
Order a German language course for children !
(Available as download edition or on CD-ROM)

This is what the German children’s language course offers

  • Get to know the German language in a playful way
  • Terms from everyday life are used in 25 subject areasillustrated and set to music shown
  • Learning with child-friendly educational games, e.g. with thematching game:
    In this game a word is to be assigned to one of the four displayed pictures.
    The image on which the queried term is displayed must be selected with the mouse.
  • Child-friendly implementation of the learning content
  • Your children are learning playful vocabulary through seeing, listening and reading.
  • Also suitable for children who cannot read yet.

Contents of the German children’s language course:

The children’s language course from language learning24 ties in with the children’s world of experience and deals with topics that are appealing and interesting for children.
This guarantees motivation and fun learning the new language.

What will your children learn with this language course?

  • 1, 2 or 3 – what does that mean in German? First you should learn to count in the new language. It’s a lot of fun! In this course, your children will learn the number range up to 20.
  • If you already know the numbers, you would also like to know the names of the days of the week, months and seasons in German.
  • Dog Cat Mouse . – What do you call my pet in the new language? You learn that in this chapter. Your child will also find the names for the very large animals, such as elephants and giraffes, here.
  • The world of children is colorful. In order for the world to take color in the foreign language, the children learn all the important colors in this chapter.
  • What does book, colored pencil, notebook and school board mean in German? – This will definitely interest all schoolchildren who learn with this course.
  • But life has a lot more to offer than just that "Seriousness of life". What can you do in your free time? For example, you can go to the children’s playground and have fun on the swing or play with a ball. Your child will learn the appropriate translations for all of these leisure activities.
  • Who doesn’t love you – the summer vacation! What you absolutely need during your big vacation, such as a swimming pool and lots of sunscreen, you can learn here.
  • Kle >want to put on a blue sweater and black trousers is the master of your own wardrobe.
  • If you ask in German to get an ice cream or a piece of chocolate, you deserve a reward! But of course in this children’s language course, you don’t just get to know translations for all types of sweets. Rather, your child learns the names for very different meals and drinks.
  • Who helps to set the table for the meal? In this language course, your son or daughter will learn the names for cutlery (knife, fork and spoon) and dishes (plates, cups, glasses, etc.).
  • If your child likes music or has even started to learn an instrument, he will be interested in the topic of musical instruments.
  • I like an apple. I like grapes. – Children should learn to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. This is even more fun if you also know what the varieties are called in German.
  • What’s for breakfast? The table has jam, honey, bread rolls, milk, cheese and eggs. Together with your child you will discover the translations for these words.
  • There is a lot to experience and learn at home: in this children’s language course, your child will learn important words about the house and the individual rooms. In the living room, for example, there is an armchair in front of the bookcase with a pillow on it. In the kitchen there is a fridge, a pot and a pan. In the bathroom you will find the soap and the toothbrush. Your child will soon be able to say all of this in German.
  • What does car, bus and train mean in German? – A chapter on the topic of means of transport should not be missing in a children’s language course!
  • Ouch, my leg hurts! – In this course your child will of course also learn all the important terms for the parts of the body.

All vocabulary was recorded by native German speakers.
This means that your children learn a clear, accent-free pronunciation and the right emphasis from the start.

All menu items and vocabulary were fully illustrated. This enables kindergarten children who are not yet able to read to learn vocabulary.

The word is written under each word.
Children who can already read automatically learn the correct spelling.

The German children’s language course also includes a special children’s dictionary with over 3000 terms (reading skills are required for this).
All terms were prepared for children; adult terms such as There are no swear words.

The children’s dictionary runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X..
You can also copy your child’s children’s dictionary to your Pocket PC or smartphone (Android and Windows Mobile) – so your child always has the German dictionary with them.

Children develop their language skills in their mother tongue within a very short time.

Through parental support, a child learns to combine impressions, feelings and objects with words during the language acquisition phase. Gradually, children expand their vocabulary and knowledge of grammatical composition.

When the mother tongue has been acquired, a child can start learning a foreign language.

This is where the multi-media children’s courses of language learning24 come in. They were developed especially for children shortly before and at primary school age (between 5-10 years).

What sounds are there in the foreign language and how do you pronounce them? How are the vocabulary of the foreign language correctly emphasized? With our children’s course you can promote your child’s language skills.

Set the course early for a successful school career or prepare your child in time for a meeting with his family-in-law living abroad.

Illustrations and scoring can playfully convey a new language to your child. Thanks to the multimedia nature of the language course, your child will develop an early feeling for the language they have learned.

The user interface, which is child’s play in the truest sense of the word, increases the fun factor when learning: Language learning24 children’s courses can be used intuitively and without instructions by any child.

Make your child familiar with learning at pre-school age. By ‘studying’ in your home environment, your child is already preparing for foreign language classes.

Early learning trains your ability to concentrate. If you develop a child-friendly learning plan with your offspring, you will soon hear the first foreign language words from your offspring.

The multimedia children’s language courses can also be used without reading skills and are therefore also suitable for preschoolers.

Children are said to have a high ability to learn in childhood. Although they do not have the adult’s ability to concentrate, their limitless curiosity means that they already have the ideal engine for their motivation to learn. Children memorize vocabulary without reservations, simply because they enjoy it.

Similar to your favorite stories, which children would like to hear several times in a row, you can listen to every word in the language course as you please.

Thanks to the repetition, your offspring will be able to memorize the vocabulary in the foreign language in no time at all.

The software works under Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP), underMac OS X and under Linux.

Order the German children’s language course conveniently using the online form!

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