Get clean with children

When the diaper is a thing of the past

At some point the time comes for every child to go on the potty and the diaper is replaced by the toilet. However, this cleanliness education is not always as easy as you would imagine.

From the diaper to the toilet

Children do not know it any other way and like to put it in the diaper because it saves them having to go to the toilet. But since they have to learn that you can not always make in the diaper, you should start with the cleanliness education very early. If you are still a baby, this will of course not be possible. However, if you can walk and talk, you should definitely start with it. At two to three years old, most children are clean and go to the bathroom. You learn this in several steps.

How children prefer to go to the toilet

First of all, the toilet has to be very attractive, so it is fun to use. The children have to go to the toilet, which makes it much easier to teach them to be clean. Of course, it won’t work overnight. If possible, do it in summer. The children spend a lot of time outside and can do without one trousers and diaper run. Then let them know that you have to, the toilet must be at hand to be able to use it quickly. At night it will not work so that the children hold out until morning. Here the diaper should definitely still be used in the first period of cleanliness education. During the day, however, you can leave them out if the child answers and tells them if they have to. You should put them on again to sleep. If you reduce the diaper bit by bit, it will be very easy and the children will go to the toilet all by themselves and do not need any more help. As long as they keep the aisle on the If you find the toilet very exciting and you like it, you will do it too. If this is not the case, they would rather put them in the diaper than go to the toilet.

Find the right potty

There are now very nice potties for the Smallest. These are decorated with elephants, cats or other motifs. So the walk to the toilet should be made easier and nicer for the little ones. Of course, a small reward for a successful toilet can never hurt. It doesn’t always have to be chocolate, but maybe a small soft toy or a new game can be ideal as a gift and promote cleanliness. Of course, you should always remember that it doesn’t get too much. It is not a good thing either.

About the author of being clean in children

Tanja Ranzinger is a mother of two school-age children and a freelancer. Hobbies are: meeting her children and her husband, line dancing and friends. If there is a little more time, games are often played or excursions are made. In any case, she loves activities together.

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