Get rid of neurodermatitis forever with evening primrose oil! That’s how it’s done

September 13, 2017

Updated on: April 24, 2019

Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from neurodermatitis more or less regularly? Then you know how difficult it is to deal with the disease. Although it is not life threatening, it can be very stressful and even too complications like scars and inflammation. Especially in acute phases, you want to do everything to alleviate the symptoms. Evening primrose oil is a herbal remedy that is often used to treat neurodermatitis. We explain to you how evening primrose oil can work against neurodermatitis and how You can use the oil to relieve your symptoms.

How does neurodermatitis develop??

Neurodermatitis is one Widespread disease: It is assumed that in Germany more than 3 million people regularly with that as well atopic eczema known ailments. The Symptoms appear differently often: Some very rarely have to deal with eczema, while others suffer almost daily.

Comparatively harmless, but annoying and stressful

As a skin disease is neurodermatitis comparatively harmless. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything about it, because the symptoms aren’t just that bothersome, but can also painful be and the Stress the psyche of those affected. Symptoms such as:

  • dry skin
  • reddened skin
  • more or less pronounced itching, those affected start to get together scratch
  • ossified skin, the structure becomes coarser.

The consequences of these symptoms are not just aesthetic: the itching can quickly increase due to the scratching Scratch marks, wounds, inflammation and, in the long term, scarring. Constant inflammation can also occur over a long period of time chronic eczema cause.

Also the psychological effects illness should not be underestimated: Many affected people feel unattractive and go accordingly social contacts out of the way. Many who encounter a sick person also suspect that the person affected has an infectious skin disease. Although eczema is by no means contagious, such a reaction can lead to another social isolation to lead.

Exact cause unknown

With such a common disease as neurodermatitis, one actually suspects that it has been sufficiently researched. Unfortunately, that is not the case Science still doesn’t know exactly what causes the disease or its outbreak.

Common scientific theories assume, however, that genetic factors play a big role in the disease. The focus is on it enzyme deficiencies, which means that the skin is unable to natural barrier function to fully meet. The skin becomes like this more prone to dryness and inflammation.

One of the enzymes that are not sufficiently available according to current theories is the so-called Delta-6 desaturase enzyme. This is actually especially for that Fat metabolism important, a deficiency can lead to regular inflammation.

Disease progresses in batches

Neurodermatitis is different for everyone affected. Only rarely do symptoms appear permanently. Rather, the disease runs in bouts, that can occur again and again. Especially children often suffer from neurodermitic phases. Fortunately, these often become rarer with age. There are many people who, although they often suffered from skin problems as children, are almost symptom-free after puberty.

Nevertheless: A neurodermatitis flare can always come back. Especially factors that put the immune system to the test, e.g.. Stress, poor nutrition, allergies or hormone changes, are often associated with symptoms of the disease.

Symptoms can be alleviated

In the medical sense, neurodermatitis is not curable. This means that the genetic causes of the disease can never go away completely. But this does not mean that the batches are delivered without protection. Because it is possible that To alleviate symptoms of an outbreak so that the symptoms and the duration of a relapse decrease significantly. A very proven means of doing this is Evening primrose oil.

Alleviate neurodermatitis with evening primrose oil

The evening primrose originally comes from North America, but has also been native to Europe for centuries. As ornamental plant it is very common in gardens and parks. For some time now, it has also been used as a medicinal plant used.

Rich in omega 6 fatty acids

Because the evening primrose seeds have a special property: they contain a lot Gamma-linolenic acid. This triple unsaturated Omega 6 fatty acid is usually synthesized by the body itself when it processes food that contains a lot of linolenic acid. she is especially important for the prevention and relief of inflammation. Scientific observations conclude that they are central role in the barrier function of the skin plays.

But not every body is able to produce these fatty acids itself. According to popular theories, the body of neurodermatitis patients is due to the innate lack of enzymes unable to synthesize enough omega 6 fatty acids.

However, this can be at least partially compensated for by: supplies the body with "ready" gamma-linolenic acid. When processed into oil, the evening primrose seeds can achieve exactly this goal.

Use of evening primrose oil against neurodermatitis

Evening primrose oil can be both taken internally as well as applied externally become. Use as is particularly widespread

Regular intake is important

So that evening primrose oil can work against neurodermatitis, it is necessary take regularly. Only one longer period away, the body can build up a supply of gamma-linolenic acid, which in turn inhibits inflammation.

So if you suffer from eczema, you should Every day treat with evening primrose oil. If taken internally, the Daily dose around 3000 milligrams ideally distributed over the day, e.g. with meals.

The different dosage forms have both advantages and disadvantages:


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