Get used to the new dentures

Get used to the new dentures

Patience is the magic word! If you are a wearer of glasses, then you may know the feeling: in the early days, that feels Wear the vision aid quite strange, but after some time you have your glasses on the Nostril forgotten The same is true with the dentures: your body needs some time to to get used to changes.

In particular, the mouth is a very sensitive area, the feeling of carrying a foreign body in the mouth, is therefore not unusual at the beginning, because you are not alone with this feeling Often it also disappears quite fast.
How long the habituation to the dentures takes, is individually different.

In most cases, it takes a few weeks before you no longer feel the dentures as foreign You may notice increased salivation or minor pressure marks on the gums at the beginning are quite normal.Your body can only get used to the dentures if you use it regularly Give your body this adjustment phase and wear the dentures
Constantly, slowly approach the full load of the denture.

Usually the habituation to new dentures takes a bit.

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Practice creates masters

In addition to speaking you may also feel the food with the new dentures something foreign Here is: Take your time and chew your food as thoroughly as possible.
The denture is just like your permanent teeth a chewing tool.The handling with a new tool requires always some practice.
Mostly, this patience has paid off after a few weeks and you forget in everyday life that they ever wear a denture, and with a little practice and patience you can eat and drink carefree.

Trust your gut feeling, because you know your body and your mouth best feel uncomfortable with the new dentures even after some time, contact your Dentist or dental technician.
Unfortunately, only general tips can be given at this point if you have severe pain, independent Whether you wear the denture for a long time or only a short time, contact please contact your dentist directly.

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