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Beautiful teeth

A dental crown made of all-ceramic offers optimal dental aesthetics, stability and allergy-free freedom for beautiful teeth

Cosmetic dentistry – for an attractive smile

Airflow (Air Flow) – Effective teeth cleaning for beautiful teeth

Teeth whitening – White teeth from home remedies or the professional treatment by the Berlin dentist Seidel? Tips against discoloration

Bleaching teeth – Teeth whitening (tooth bleaching) with various types of dental treatment

prophylaxis & Dental hygiene – for optimal protection of your teeth and as a basis for beautiful teeth

Ceramic inlay – minimally invasive procedure for beautiful teeth

Veneers – The solution for discolored and crooked anterior teeth – Simply beautiful teeth through ceramic bowls

Lumineers – Non Prep technology with wafer-thin ceramic make perfect dental aesthetics possible in just one session

Beautiful teeth enable charisma and attractiveness

Beautiful teeth not only enchant with the smile, they radiate sympathy and can give an undreamt of freedom. The freedom to start the day with a beautiful smile or to bite to your heart’s content is not innate to everyone. Of course, beautiful teeth are not in every case, but cosmetic tooth enhancements are possible at any time with your dentist. Even with severe dental anxiety, aesthetic dentistry offers gentle and elegant ways to fulfill the dream of beautiful, straight teeth.

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Beautiful teeth

What makes beautiful teeth?

Beautiful teeth look youthful and healthy. An attractive smile is therefore not just nice to look at. Straight teeth, white teeth and healthy gums give you the freedom to smile and talk at your own ease. This ensures more self-confidence in everyday life and in the professional world. Who is inhibited by crooked teeth, gaps or discoloration, often acts as if he has something to hide. Not to mention your own suffering.

Even dental jewelry can provide even more beautiful teeth. The dental accessories, which are available in different variants and with different prices, can be professionally set and removed by dental technicians.

How do you get beautiful teeth?

A basic requirement for getting beautiful teeth is their health and hygiene. In addition to proper brushing and flossing, regular, professional teeth cleaning is crucial. This calculus and other deposits, residues and discoloration are thoroughly removed.

Nevertheless, of course, problems can occur. Malocclusions and possibly existing gaps, damaged by an accident tooth substance or receding gums manage to disturb the appearance of beautiful teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry, however, is able to remedy such deficits by crowns and bridges, a therapy of periodontal disease or delusions for teeth in an appealing way. How to achieve optimal dental aesthetics for well-being.

Aesthetic dentures for damaged teeth and tooth gaps

If teeth are damaged or broken off by caries, but the roots and lower sections are still intact, crowns can restore functionality and ensure even appearance.

On the posterior teeth, which become visible when laughing, depending on the size of the caries damage, ceramic inlays or onlays can be a good choice for beautiful teeth, with which the filling does not stand out visually after treatment.

With gaps By single, missing teeth bridges are used. Modern techniques and materials not only provide a high load capacity, but also for optically convincing results.

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Implants for a radiant smile

As an alternative to bridges or if they lack the corresponding abutment teeth, implants are possible as fixed dentures. In this case, a helical implant, made of titanium or ceramic, is inserted into the jawbone and provided with an artificial tooth crown via a structure, the so-called abutment. This solid denture is gentler on the adjacent teeth and the result is functional and aesthetically pleasing, just like naturally beautiful teeth.

Thanks to recent research, it might be possible in the future to use teeth grown from stem cells instead of artificial materials. The necessary cells could be obtained from milk or wisdom teeth. But that is still future music.

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Straighten teeth – with and without braces

People with a complete set of teeth but partially crooked teeth often shy away from wearing braces, especially in adulthood. They find it embarrassing, and they are worried that it will affect their pronunciation or that they will have to invest many years for minimal improvements. There are now several ways in orthodontics with a brace for adults to correct tooth misalignments and get beautiful teeth.

Nearly invisible braces are unremarkable and popular here. These models are attached to the inside of the teeth or are barely visible as transparent rails over the teeth. A demand is worthwhile in every case and every age. Nobody has to live with crooked teeth.

In addition, the use of so-called veneers can help achieve the desired success. The thin ceramic shells are applied to the fronts of the teeth and can thus very quickly create a uniform look.

What to do against gum decline?

There are several reasons why the gums go back. Previous tooth loss often leads to this, but bacteria may be responsible for this. It still holds the opinion that the tissue is unwanted />

Visibly exposed necks of teeth not only present the visual problem that the teeth no longer look good, but lead to prolonged sensitivity and thus to restrictions when eating and drinking. Since the gums in these areas are often very sensitive and hurts, it can cause the brushing is not so thoroughly performed. A treatment of periodontal disease and the rebuilding of the gums are therefore advisable in any case.

Bleaching – Teeth whitening and other possibilities of discoloration

Tooth discoloration can have different causes. Coffee, tea, smoking, red wine and even medicines can sometimes lead to considerable discoloration of the teeth. To get a radiant smile again, a professional bleaching is recommended. Teeth whitening through professional cleaning and bleaching of the teeth often leads quickly to white teeth or to significantly lighter shades. Wherever these solutions do not offer, again veneers can be used.

Beautiful teeth despite dental fear?

If patients are afraid of regular check-ups, a visit to the dental office for aesthetic improvement seems virtually impossible. In the meantime dental surgeries specialize in the practice of treating each patient carefully and individually.

Completely under general anesthesia performed treatments, detailed education, advice and tips in dealing with the fear are offered here. It does not matter if the fear comes from noises, smells or missing information. Of course, it would be too much to expect a completely fearless visit from the beginning. In the long run, however, you can be so taken the fear or mitigated.

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What do beautiful teeth cost??

Orthodontic corrections in adulthood, bleaching, veneers or fixed dentures – in addition to the fear and the seemingly lack of opportunities for improvement, the cost issue keeps many patients from taking these steps for beautiful teeth. Ask your dentist about the possibilities.

Especially with dentures or obstructive malocclusions and the resulting complaints are at least proportional reimbursements by the health insurance the rule.

Also, the cost of therapies are different in each case. They can only be estimated by recording the current status and requirements. Only a visit to the dental practice with appropriate expert advice will provide information. Experienced and informed dentists can also inform about the possible cost coverage.

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