Gift voucher – hotel voucher for a short trip redemption, weekend

gift voucher & Redeem hotel voucher for a short trip

Redeem voucher for a short break

We are glad that you have the present gift voucher want to redeem for a relaxing Short holiday to experience. So we have the present hotel voucher For the booked short trip can redeem, we ask the form on the right side completely, together with Coupon Code, fill. Alternatively, the desire to redeem the voucher in a short trip via the service hotline by phone +49 (0) 2065/4999 116 be announced.

Check availability

After submitting the data for voucher redemption, the desired travel date for the present short trip checked for a given availability.

This process can take several hours as planned for the planned getaway the availability of rooms, the feasibility of spa appointments, the availability of event tickets and the availability of restaurant seats is checked.

Sending the confirmation

Should a binding redemption of the travel voucher for the short trip desired and the travel date be realizable, the detailed travel documents to redeem the voucher sent by e-mail.

It should be noted that the voucher redemption only by the written dispatch of the travel documents to a fixed booking becomes. On arrival at the hotel voucher including voucher for devaluation.

Order value check

The alternative – give flexibility with value checks

The voucher from is a flexible alternative to travel vouchers: determine travel amount, fill out form with a few clicks and value check purchase. Through a variety of motifs from the fields romance, Wellness, birthday, Christmas as well as general events, the personalization of the voucher on the personal occasion is possible.

Of the value check can be sent by mail. The mailing time is on average 1 – 2 working days and can then be taken by the postman in receipt. The postage for the postal order is 4.90 EUR. The value check is particularly suitable as a last-minute gift, which is delivered immediately by e-mail.

Of the value check can within three years conveniently redeemed on flexible dates and is freely transferable! There is enough time to redeem for an extraordinary one short trip. The value check can be to any getaway be redeemed. If short Trips to the North Sea, the Baltic Sea or the Alps. The voucher offers the coupon recipient the freedom of choice: when, how long and where the short break is spent. The value check can for a romantic short trip, an interesting one City Trips or a vitalizing one Wellness travel be used. Likewise, the redemption is too Singelreisen, Active holiday or family holiday possible. If the value of the chosen short trip differs from the value check, the recipient can simply pay the difference or the remaining value for further short trips use.

Should the present gift voucher does not directly affect your travel interest and at the same time you prefer the redemption in another partner hotel, this is not a problem. Solution is the transformation into one value check! The value of the voucher will be converted – minus a small processing fee of 15 EUR – exchanged into a value check. By e-mail you will receive the value check immediately. Now you have 3 years from the original order date to plan and book a trip according to your travel interest. To redeem the converted check you can use the right-sided form. Simply enter 8-digit voucher code together with address and contact details, note the offer number and off you go getaway.

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