Gift vouchers for the baltic sea beach hotel villa del mar

Gift vouchers for the baltic sea beach hotel villa del mar

Gift Vouchers

We will gladly issue gift vouchers for all arrangements and hotel services.

The gift vouchers, e.g. Spa weekends may be scheduled for a specific date or for a specific season at the Strandhotel Villa del Mar. Gift vouchers do not lose their value after expiration. You can then be credited in full to a hotel booking according to then valid price list.

Gift ideas for all occasions and Christmas gift ideas

Like every year at Christmas, a birthday, a recurring wedding day, or just an occasion to show your love and gratitude, you wonder what you can give to your loved ones. For example, what do you give to your parents who already have everything? A gift that is certainly not around at home after that is a wellness holiday, a short trip to a prestigious spa hotel, which is the location and the equipment forth the claim of wellness fair. Traditional wellness times are always the times outside the big holiday periods, ie outside the summer holidays and the 6 weeks before and after, ie. the time from January to April and the time from October to Christmas. The typical wellness holiday is usually planned and used as an additional holiday for regeneration and recreation in between.

The beach hotel Villa del Mar offers a range of hotel vouchers, spa vouchers, hotel and wellness vouchers or restaurant vouchers to give away. You order this coupon from us, pay it in advance and present this coupon to your loved ones for your birthday, wedding day, silver wedding, golden wedding or Christmas present. The recipient agrees by phone or email his travel date and then takes his gift to complete.

The travelers were always surprised by the high quality and professional hotel and wellness offer in the Villa del Mar and thanked your donors again and again on the most cordial. You could not make a better present. Many have then, since you liked it so much, taken up this gift idea right back and acquired the corresponding vouchers with us.

Popular occasions for such gifts include:

Gifts for the 50th birthday

Gifts for the 60th birthday

Gifts for the 10th wedding anniversary

Gifts for the 20th wedding anniversary

Gifts for a silver wedding or a golden wedding, birthday, name day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter are once again an opportunity to show love and affection to the partner or relatives. For wedding proposals and for planned engagements, the romantic frame of our hotel is often used.

For lovers we offer cuddle weekends, pampering weekends and candle-light dinners.

Relax in direct beach location

Gift voucher for a wellness weekend with back massage for 98, – EUR

What the Gift Coupon Wellness Weekend offers you:

Comfortable suite and delicious food

Take advantage of the spa throughout the day

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