Giftedness: what parents and teachers can do

Reading time: 2 minutes If a child has special cognitive skills and, due to this special talent, has problems integrating into the class group or concentrating and working in school, it should primarily be a matter of mental stabilization in the support.

Giftedness: What parents and teachers can do

Giftedness: stabilization through appreciation and recognition

Since many highly gifted children have had many negative experiences during their development and often received little support, the first step is to strengthen their personality. That means showing them respect and appreciation due to their special talents, but also for everything else that they are.

High talent: role of teachers and parents

Teachers should be positive about unconventional thinking strategies and see themselves more in the role of adviser than knowledge mediator. Parents are encouraged to give their gifted child a lot of care and recognition. In the emotional area, these children are so far in their (cognitive) development, but mostly at the level of development of their age. she need as much recognition for their achievements and care as other children, even if this is sometimes difficult due to their enormous knowledge and cognitive skills.

Gifted students: Development of effective learning strategies for gifted students

When the highly gifted enter the higher grades, they usually lack the fundamental learning strategies. So far, she has carried her particular comprehension effortlessly, but now the school material is so complex and multi-layered that they can only continue to perform particularly well if they can apply the necessary learning strategies. If highly talented students come to learning therapy due to their lack of school performance, it is a lot about learning the right learning techniques. Memory training, concentration training and exercises to improve the organization of learning can be the focus of learning therapy.

High talent: lack of motivation

In the course of attending school, many highly gifted children lose motivation to achieve appropriate performance in school. It is now important for the professional staff in the environment of the highly gifted child to motivate them again. The highly gifted child should be given tasks that can just be solved, learning goals must be set realistically and must not be set too high or too low. Praising the achievement must not be forgotten. Particularly suitable to promote the motivation of a highly gifted child again, open forms of teaching are suitable, in which topics independent of school material can be worked on and the highly gifted children are given the opportunity to set their own learning goals and pursue them at their own learning pace and in their often unconventional way.


If highly gifted children have problems at school, this can be an indication of a so-called underachievment. One speaks of underachievment when a child with special cognitive skills falls significantly short of his or her ability to perform. Underachievers often go unnoticed. But there are also those who become behavioral and tend to have symptoms typical of ADHD. In any case, a child who has developed into an underachiever should be supported by competent people. Possible help should be on strengthening the personality development of affordable learning strategies and to promote the motivation of the highly gifted child.

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