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Coloring book for all ages

Dealing with colors, recognizing lines as borders and living out creativity are the cornerstones of every good childhood. Coloring books help with this. There are coloring books for children of all ages. So toddlers from about 3 to 4 years old can.

bicycle bells

A child has the first real freedom when he gets his first bike. From this point on, it can cycle to a location faster than walking there. The child should be able to make itself heard loudly so that this journey runs safely. This has been taking place since.

children cameras

A child learns by copying the adults around them. It wants to be like the men and women around it. This also applies when handling tools and everyday objects – like a camera. A children’s camera is shockproof and usually also waterproof.

Booster service for League of Legends

One of the currently most popular games among our kids is League of Legends. League of Legends is a free-to-play MOBA game that is financed by micro payments and played by millions of people, young and old. Who now a League of Legends.

The best party items for a child’s birthday

The planning and design of a children’s birthday party should always be well thought out. Starting with a motto about the decoration to games suitable for the age of the child and the Birthday guests. All in all, it should give a nice overall picture. Loves that.


Children can quickly tear a hole in their clothes while playing or at school. Or the offspring was playing around in kindergarten, although his favorite sweatshirt suffered quite a bit from the wrangling. If it.

Saving for children – funny money boxes

The next children’s birthday is coming up and you don’t know what to give your child, grandchild or godchild? The children’s room is full of toys, countless dolls, cars, building blocks and plastic figures have accumulated over the years and your child always wants.

Give away your own book

Fragrances blow away, flowers die away, but there are books – especially for birthdays, it should be something special, immortal, unforgettable for our loved ones! A personalized book by PersonalNOVEL is something so unique. These books are perfect as.

Watches for children

Long before their children’s birthday, many parents are thinking about what they could give their loved ones for a special day. Most of them have already found beautiful cuddly toys in bed and all over the room and there are also dolls and cars.

A bike for a birthday

Making children happy for their birthday is not always easy – after all, the little ones already have individual wishes and ideas. But what will probably always sparkle eyes is a children’s bike. There is even for the little ones.

Children workbench

When playing at a children’s workbench, small craftsmen get enthusiastic. Here even the youngest can prove how they can make small things by screwing, hammering and drilling. As a detailed replica is a children’s workbench for the little one.

A gift for everyone

The choice of gifts is always a headache for many people. Because it is not so easy to find the right one. There are gifts that fit almost every person and trigger joy. Such gifts are timeless. These include the.

Balloon flight to the birthday party – great fun for young and old

Before every birthday there is always the question of which gift can be a great joy for the birthday child. Since most people from a certain age have everything they need and do not need to live need, offer games and.

Toy Dolls

Children love gifts. They love to grab parcels, feel the contents, rustle and shake them – the packaging is almost more important than the gift itself.

A day with a horse

The dream of many children is to meet horses. Horses have an uncanny fascination for us humans and especially for children. Since this is not entirely harmless, you have the opportunity to deal with theoretical and practical units.

Trial diving course for children

Most children love adventure. So why not the small send them to a diving course, where they can easily learn how to put on the mask correctly, why there are different fins and what is pressure equalization or how it works? Such a.

indiv >

When the children are small, a birthday party is very important. But some forget this ritual as they get older. Then they have no time or don’t value a celebration. But that is a big mistake. How often do you see his.


If you don’t know what to give someone for your birthday, you usually choose vouchers, be it for the pizzeria next door or even for refueling. There are many possibilities. If you know the birthday child a little better, you give one away.

birthday cake

Basically, each of us should have received a birthday cake in our life. Traditionally, the year of the birthday is made out of candles or frosting, but nowadays you can see more and more decorated cakes.


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