Gila and Andrea: “It’s always the question of whether people join the closet doors”

Gila and Andrea: “It’s always the question of whether people join the closet doors”

Gila and Andrea peer in other people’s clothes >

When the two of them, whose family includes a total of five children and three dogs, recently took a look at our wardrobes (Claudia / Isa), we invited them to lunch and an interview in which they told us, among other things, how they got out of their blog want to do a business.

Capital Mutti: How did you come up with the idea for the blog?

Gila: Since we know each other, we have always talked about projects. Andrea has a background as a photographer and I come from marketing, so right from the beginning we thought about what we wanted to do together. It was always clear that we wanted to do something together.

Andrea: Just like you, we also want to have a life next to the mother role – we are mothers, but not those who spend the whole day in fleece. You can do that for a year, but then it’s good too. Both Gila and I have never lost our ego, the person we were before we became mothers. Personally, I’ve always found this look in strangers’ closets always great. I also watch the show “Shopping Queen” only because I am interested in the cabinets and the stories. It is not that I ask everywhere, if I may look in the closets. Even Gilas I got to know very late.

Gila: In any case, we quickly realized that there are beautiful stories in the cabinets, and then we thought about how we can raise the modern.

HSM: How do you know each other??

Gila: I have moved into the Old Country, and there we found each other, also through the children.

Andrea: I’ve never actually sought contact with other people, I’m always more likely to go to kindergarten and get out quickly. I also had a lot to do with three children and two dogs. At some point I realized that the Gila is on my wavelength.

Gila: At some point we sat together in the car and talked about projects. About illustrated books and how beautiful they are. Then we thought that wardrobes in an illustrated book also look great. That’s how the idea for the blog was born.

Capital Mutti: Is the picture book still?

Gila: Clear. One after the other. The blog is only nine months old, so far we have, I think, about 15 cabinets photographed.

Capital Mutti: Do you always go together??

Andrea: We always go as a team. I focus more on the photos, but Gila has the better overview. She has her eyes everywhere. For example, she tracked down this man with the wardrobe of forgotten wedding dresses. These are bridal gowns that are paid but never picked up. That was great class.

Capital Mutti: Did you already set up a typology and close the woman on the closet?

Andrea: No. But we were shocked sometimes, because the cupboard, for example, was suddenly much more boring than expected.

Capital Mutti: But it’s always exciting when people open up to you?

Gila: Yes, it is blatant what happens when you photograph people. It is always the question of whether people join in with the closet doors. It’s very private, and it’s always exciting to see how many different people will turn out once the doors are open.

Andrea: Many do not understand why we really want to look there. Or you want to clean up first.

Gila: You can already hear many stories – for example, when someone remembers a certain dress to their ex-boyfriend.

Andrea: Sometimes we are really souls plumbers and think: Oh God, you do not have to tell us all about that!

Capital Mutti: If the blog is now your business, you want to earn money with it?

Gila: Yes, that’s the plan. But it is difficult, because we are not broad-based with our topic. Nevertheless, there are ways.

Andrea: We are currently developing concepts for cooperation. It is important that you do not lose sight of yourself and stay with what you want to show. We have no time pressure. On the side, I still work as a photographer, but of course we look for collaborations with brands, whose products can then be placed in the closet. Or furniture. It’s our turn.

Capital Mutti: Have you set yourself a timeframe??

Andrea: We want it to start this year. First, we have now incorporated into the whole topic. Our blog is quite special, so that classical cooperations hardly offer.

Capital Mutti:Maybe you could do something with shipping, with Zalando? That there might be a box in the closet?

Gila: Well, that does not convince me right now. Or anything that you put or put in the closet? scent stuff?

Capital Mutti: Cleaning supplies for the mirror?

Andrea: mothballs!

Capital Mutti: Yes, exactly, you can raise that also totally funny. Partly you are a blogger as a real small agency. But if you then develop such concepts for the companies, then the price must be right.

Capital Mutti: What do your wardrobes look like??

Gila: Yours is fuller.

Andrea: But clear. When I think about what we’ve already seen for wardrobes … it’s really neat for me. And yours is athletic.

Gila: Sporty, yes. And also not proppevoll or crowded. I always wear the same thing anyway.

Capital Mutti: Have you already been inspired by many cupboards? Clothing or storage technology?

Gila: These IKEA cabinets are amazing, so many features! I do not know if that was inspired by our blog, but I sorted out two-thirds of my wardrobe last year.

Andrea: I sorted my clothes by color and that helped me a lot. So you have a better overview. I’m an Adidas jacket collector, and they always lay around in my closet somewhere. Gila noticed this at some point, and then I hung her up so I could see her, because that’s the only way I put her on. Gila also had a nice idea: She used to take pictures of her outfits when she did not know what to wear in her office hours. I also thought that was a great idea. In her closet, she also has photos of a woman whose style she finds great. That’s inspiring when you do not know what to wear.

Thank you, Gila and Andrea!

Interview: Isa Grütering / Claudia Kahnt // Photo: Andrea Heinsohn // Text: Yvonne Vávra

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