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Beautiful and healthy gums: perfect setting for your attractive laugh

Gummy Smile
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Too much visible gums, gently corrected gums smile.

Root coverage
in Munich

Too little gums and exposed tooth necks.

Periodontal disease treatment
in Munich

Healthy gums and a healthy periodontium.

Aesthetic crown extension
in Munich

Perfect harmony of red aesthetics.

Aesthetic Cosmetic Gum Corrections: A Case for Specialists!

The gum significantly determines the overall impression of our smile. Appealing or inconspicuous gums are barely noticeable. On the other hand, we usually find an inharmonic gingival course unattractive. Too much or too little gum is the cause. This can lead to aesthetic impairment and dysfunction.

A gum correction by means of microsurgical surgical methods provides a remedy. At Implanteer, these technically demanding interventions, which require know-how and the highest level of precision, are performed exclusively by qualified Periodontology® specialists.

Gingival corrections by qualified specialists for periodontology®

Most modern, gentle and painless surgical methods

Synergies through specialization in periodontics and implantology

Effective protection of teeth and implants with healthy gums

Aesthetic gums: perfect harmony of teeth and gums

Useful for medical and aesthetic reasons

Injuries, malocclusions, teeth grinding, lip veins or improper brushing can result in a non-inflammatory gum recession. Exposed and sensitive tooth necks and increased caries are often due to a reduced gum. A strong aesthetic restriction brings the gum smile (“Gummy Smile”) with it. An inharmonious course or thickening are also among the confounding factors.

With an aesthetic-plastic gum correction, we can improve the aesthetics and function of the gums in the long term. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia and is painless. From the abundance of treatment methods, we create a plan for you that is tailored to your personality, your ideas and expectations. The goal is always to achieve the best possible result with the lowest possible risk and reasonable effort.

healthy & beautiful gums: the basis for all disciplines of dentistry

Healthy gums are a necessary foundation for all areas of dental work. Dentistry, Aesthetic Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Implantology and even Orthodontics build on or are directly related to periodontology. Healthy tissue is also the prerequisite for the long-term preservation of natural teeth and implants. We regularly perform microsurgical operations at Implanteer. Modern surgical methods allow gentle interventions as well as predictable and stable results. A postoperative care that is specially designed for periodontal treatments and perfectly organized assures optimal healing. Current scientific standards and the highest qualitative standards characterize our treatment spectrum.

The most common aesthetic-plastic therapies for gum correction

Recession coverage: Big change in a small space

Very often, the gums retract even without the presence of inflammation or periodontitis. These recessions (gingival retraction) then lead to ugly exposed tooth necks. Hypersensitivity and root caries are possible consequences. As a rule, it is possible to surgically cover the roots again (recession coverage).

In this case, either tissue from the neighboring region is sewn in by means of a displacement flap and / or from another donor region (for example connective tissue graft from the palate). This allows a broadening of the gum or a cover of the exposed root surface. Modern techniques prevent unsightly scarring. The use of growth proteins can support the success of the treatment.

Thickening of the gums (gingival thickening): more tissue and stability

Thick gums are more resistant to external influences, such as tooth cleaning or orthodontic measures, and are less prone to retreat. In contrast, a very thin fragile gum often shows an increased tendency to recession, which is accompanied by exposed roots, crown margins or implant shoulders. We can counter this by thickening the gums (gingival thickening). Here, a connective tissue graft taken from the palate is gently introduced by tunneling surgical methods in the appropriate area.

Gummy Smile Treatment: The correction of the gum smile

An aesthetic crown extension can be aesthetically sensible or medically necessary for various reasons. In patients with incomplete teeth erosion, the anatomical crown remains overly covered by the gums or bones. An unaesthetic appearance is caused by the weakly shaped garland-shaped gingival course and by the square and too short-acting teeth. If a patient also shows a lot of gum when laughing, due to a high lip line, this is called a “Gummy Smile” (gum smile). Through a specific plastic-aesthetic installation of the gingival margin (crown extension), a natural and harmonious tooth shape is produced. The teeth are fully visible and the excess gum is corrected.

Case 1: There is too much gum

A gum correction can help if the Gummy Smile is caused by an excess of gums. In this case, we remove the tissue painlessly and plastically correct the gums to create a harmonious tooth shape. The previously square and too short-acting teeth become more prominent and are naturally again in the foreground.

Case 2: The teeth are too small

In many cases, the teeth can be visually enlarged by white fillings, wafer-thin ceramic bowls (so-called veneers) or crowns. This creates a harmonious and aesthetic relationship to the gums.

Case 3: The upper length is too long

If the Gummy Smile is due to a too close connection of gum and upper lip, the connection between upper lip and gum can be solved plastically and corrected gently.

Alveolar ridge structure: small change, big effect

Missing gums, gaps and dark shadows under prosthetic restorations, such as pontics, can significantly affect overall aesthetics and function. With special procedures for the construction of the alveolar ridge (gum structure) the volume of the gums can be improved. Dark shadows are reduced, dental restorations can be integrated true to nature and visually appealing.

Growth proteins: Gentle support for tissue regeneration

The goal of a regenerative treatment is the restoration of a fully functional periodontium. This includes the gums. Enamel matrix proteins (complex of native proteins) play a key role in the development of our tooth-supporting tissues.

Emdogain® (a complex of enamel matrix proteins) was developed to mimic this biological process of tooth development. The application of Emdogain® supports the regeneration of the periodontium, which includes the cementum, the periodontal ligament, the gums and the alveolar bone. Emdogain® can make an important contribution to regenerative periodontal surgery and recession coverage. We use the drug in the context of gum corrections to support and accelerate the regeneration of the gums.

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