Glossy trend – matte car paintwork

Until now, most car owners couldn’t get enough shine out of their bodywork. But for some time now, a trend has been making itself felt on our roads that is pointing in exactly the opposite direction: matte automotive paints. It is often the drivers of sporty models who attract additional attention in road traffic with a matte paint finish, usually in dark colors. What serves as camouflage on military vehicles has a completely different purpose on the mostly sporty bodies: they are meant to stand out. Similar to the batmobile, which probably set this trend with its matte finish, thanks to its success in cinemas.

Emphasis on design

Stylish design and sporty elegance are even enhanced by matte paints. Since there are no reflections, the shapes of the body will be more pronounced. What’s more, these technical and cool-looking surfaces are tempting to touch. In contrast to the usual high-gloss coating, however, matte automotive paints are less sensitive to dust or fingerprints. Basically, the structure of a matte vehicle finish is no different from that of a glossy finish. Here, too, there is a filler layer on the anti-corrosion primer, which is coated with the coloring basecoat, which is then covered with clearcoat. However, it contains a matting agent.

Elaborate matte finish

A matte automotive paint finish is no bargain. Both the production and the processing of the paints are costly. That’s one of the reasons why these matte finishes have only been available on a few models so far, and for a hefty surcharge. Car manufacturers have recognized this trend and are now offering more and more models in matte finishes. mercedes, BMW and smart in particular are focusing on a matte future, in silver, gray, black, but also green. Matt car paints stand out because they are still rare at present. But vehicle manufacturers are working to further expand this trend.

Careful with care

However, matte automotive paints also have disadvantages: for example, they are more expensive and complicated to maintain than conventional paints. With a normal car wax, you’ll experience a shiny miracle on a matte surface. Driving through a car wash with a matte finish is also not recommended. Because the dullness is caused by the smallest irregularities in the surface. They scatter the light, so that instead of a glossy reflection, the matte effect is created. Brushing in a car wash or polishing with care waxes can smooth out the surface, resulting in shiny spots like a suit that has been worn very often. The paint will look smeary and irregular afterwards. This is why special care products, which are now available for matt paintwork, should be used.

Paint damage can be expensive

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