Glow lava lamp

Brand: Reality to shine
Overall height: 40 cm
Water: Blue / clear / clear
Wax: Yellow / purple / red
Wattage of the lamp: 35 watts
version: GY6.35
Switch: cord switch
Color temperature: 2700 K.
lumen: 530 lm
Lamp included:

Perfectly shaped table lamp with a wonderful play of colors from the manufacturer Reality.

The design of the lava lamp
The frame of the Lava lamp R50551116 von Reality shines like chrome-colored metal, but is actually made of plastic, with the "lampshade" between the elegantly curved glass body. The three parts are simply screwed together and bring it to a total height of approx. 40 cm. The Weight is 2 kg.

In combination with the more turquoise-colored water and the yellow wax, this modern-looking color combination blends in perfectly modern Styles of living.

Ideal for children’s rooms

Reality not only sees adults as a target group who want to relax in a pleasant atmosphere, but also has its sights on children who like to be fascinated by the blue and yellow play of colors.

For this reason, all safety aspects and requirements for operation in children’s rooms have been taken into account in the luminaire, in addition to the mandatory degree of protection for this type of luminaire (IP20).

The lamp of the lava lamp

A commercially available halogen lamp with a GY6.35 base is used as the light or heating source. Suitable bulbs are available with energy efficiency classes B to E. A halogen lamp with energy efficiency class C is already included in the scope of delivery. If desired, you can also use a more efficient illuminant with energy efficiency class B. But be careful: An even more economical LED equivalent with a GY6.35 base is not suitable for operation in this table lamp, as this does not generate the necessary heat.


The light color of the original lamp corresponds to a warm white with 2,700 Kelvin. With its 35 watt output, it generates a luminous flux of 530 lumens and has a typical power consumption of 35 kWh per 1,000 hours. Such lamps have an average lifespan of 2,000 hours and are about tolerable 8,000 switching cycles. A toggle switch for switching on and off is located on the approximately 2 m long power cable.

Cheaper than the original

This lava lamp from Reality is one of the best-selling lava lamps on Amazon. Not just because of that special Great Price, but also because of their appearance. Of course, it is true that this lamp is almost a bargain compared to the original lava lamp from Mathmos.


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