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Here is the gnome dwarf

Wednesday October 23, 2013

Nicholas Secret Santa

now it is time again and I have to think about the following questionnaire.
I try to answer the questions as meaningfully as possible. If you need more information, then you are welcome to read through my old questionnaires.

Interests: Felting, knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidering, that would be the handicrafts. I love reading crime novels, listening to audio books, at the moment I am very enthusiastic about fantasy. I always have my iPod touch with me in the house for house cleaning and attached it to my clothes in a provisional pouch with a safety pin. Sometimes you just don’t have trouser pockets; o) I have to look for a better solution.

Tea or coffee: I like both, since our vacation in East Frisia we have more and more East Frisian tea with a real East Frisian cream spoon, otherwise I actually like all types of tea, of course also fine mixtures.

Shoe size: 39.5 yes somehow my feet are still growing

passion for collecting. Oh dear, I definitely save too much, because you can do everything at some point need.(to my husband’s sorrow) Yes, I find it hard to separate things. But I can’t give you anything specific. In which. So, in recent years I have made more and more individual pendants for our Christmas tree, e.g. B. an angel with a Christmas ball, it looks as if it is flying away with the ball, (you can find it on my blog, by the way) a small cloth house, drum, etc. I would like to add a new particle every year. So a new one for each Christmas and after many, many years, when I am 100 years old, I can tell my great-grandchildren stories about each Christmas.

My home: very modern, white, gray and red dominate, individual antiques and my little sewing room is white, light blue, pink with roses, hearts a little shabby for the girl in me: o) and is far from ready and is incredibly happy with great decoration.

Favorite Fragrance: Rose, lavender

allergies: No

Bath or shower: dear shower

Jewellery: Silver, gold, pearl
Earrings most plugs, chain most with a pendant

Christmas colors: White, red, toadstool " I love Christmas, oh that could take all year: o))"

What I like: Things you can feel that there are many thoughts and love in it.
What I do not like: cigarette smoke

Special request: no

If you still don’t get a good idea with my questionnaire, another tip:
You can never have enough shopping bags: o))

All the best for you and happy preparation

Monday, February 11, 2013

My treasure chest questionnaire.

Hello my dear elf,

now I finally have time to fill out your questionnaire. You can find a lot of information about me here on the blog, but for sure.


Interests: Needlework of all kinds, reading crime novels, children’s books, I like people and their stories. and much more
Tea or coffee: both like it, but especially tea
Favorite color: white, pink, blue
Shoe size: 39
do you like sweet or salty: both
Collecting passions: Oh, a lot, a lot, at least from my husband’s point of view. You can still use so much. o)) but definitely, I can’t say no to old children’s books.
my home: modern, white, black. My little hobby room: white, florets, frills, fairy tales, a little shabby.
Favorite scents: rose, lavender
Hair: brown to dark blonde, yes you can change times; o))
Skin: normal
Allergies: none
Bath or shower: both, but prefer shower
Jewelry: silver, pearl
What do you dislike or do you have any intolerance: I am definitely happy about your elf treasure chest.
Do you have a very special wish? No, but you should know that I am currently preparing my son’s communion, and I am the table mother of 6 very quirky communion boys (that is, I have been accompanying the boys in their group lessons since November through their communion preparations).

So now I hope that my answers will help you.

All the best and I’m looking forward to it.


Sunday October 28, 2012

Hello my dear elf!

Time is racing and now there is another elf at the door. You will already find a lot of different questionnaires about other elves actions that will surely help you to get to know me a little better.
But of course, come now also the Santa Claus questionnaire.

So here is he:

Interests: I like to read, I like listening to audio books in the car, mostly thrillers.
I like to work very, very much and am always open to new ideas. My biggest passion is, of course, felting, which is where my felt blog came from. I am a very big lover of children’s books and very often my felt figures also find their origin there. Figurative felting in combination with stories, that’s my world.

tea or coffee: I drink both, but without my tea (no matter if herbs, green tea, black tea, fruit etc. I can’t be.) B. always bring a big bottle of tea to work.

favourite colour: of course I am referring to Christmas now. Red and white without them is not Christmas for me

shoe size: 39

passion for collecting: Children and picture books and much more.

My At home: It’s very important to me. I am safe and protected there. Really at home.

favorite fragrances: Rose, lavender and of course the many cozy smells at Christmas (fir, cinnamon, honey, cocoa, gingerbread, etc.)

allergies: no

bath or shower: both prefer shower

Jewellery: Pearl, silver, gold

Christmas: classic red with white and some gold, playful z. B. candy canes, toadstools, little birds.

What I Not like: Difficult. mhhhh kitsch! But if it’s something you made yourself, you’re probably right. Another tip: I like Tilda things and my iPad could use a home and my hobby room still has very bare walls.

So now I very much hope to have given you some good information about myself.
I’m really looking forward to St. Nicholas Day.

Saturday July 14, 2012

Sea Imp questionnaire

My dear elf,

now I finally have to fill out my questionnaire. I have been very busy for the past few days and weeks (museum exhibition, work and family), but now the time has come.
You have probably already teased yourself a little in the other questionnaires and have been able to get a little picture of me.
So now the current version:

Interests: Quite a lot, but brand new I discovered quilting in spring. The quilt blanket I have been looking for for a long time " My House " from the book Tildas Haus by Tone Finnanger was created in the finest handwork and despite many stab wounds and now cornea on the fingertips I am totally thrilled and already at the next quilt, but this time I designed it myself; o)))
Tea or coffee: I drink both, but mostly teas in the morning 1 pot of green tea and the day can begin
Favorite colors: White, magenta, pink and now turquoise for summer
Shoe size: 39
Sweet or salty: both
Passion for collecting: SSince I’ve been sewing and embroidering more in recent years, my fabric store has filled up significantly (visits to the fabric market, etc.). I think many people know that. So I would also identify myself as a collector of fabrics.
My home: is beautiful in my eyes and makes me happy. My hobby room is slowly taking shape, but good things take time, right. So it is already clear to see the white, shabby, rosy note.
Hair: long and brown
Skin: Combination skin, light, sensitive to the sun
allergies: no
Bath shower:both
Favorite Fragrance: Rose and lavender
Jewellery: currently silver, pearls,
What I like or not / and a very special wish: doesn’t really exist, because the idea and the thoughts that are in the hand work count for me.
So now you’ve read a lot and still haven’t had it easy; O))

A tip: I like Tilda, I bought an I-Pad, I just wanted to have one, (No, not really, we bought it for our vacation), and the still needs a nice home.

So now I wish you a lot of fun with the elves, I’m so excited.

PS: I will send you an email via Susi.


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