Gokart-Bodensee Kartbahn in Steißlingen, near the Swiss border

Gokart-Bodensee Kartbahn in Steißlingen, near the Swiss border

Yes, underage drivers need a signed power of attorney, as well as one Copy of the identity card of the undersigned parent or guardian.

But you are welcome, provided it is a full-face helmet and the visor is functional.

Unfortunately, there are no permits for the operation of racing karts and also pit bikes.

Yes, in the lounge area of ​​the go-kart facility drinks are available (via vending machines).

Yes, we have a safe for valuables (free use).

Yes, you are accident insured as part of your GOKart trip.

  • If the track is only a little wet, then the free training takes place.
  • In case of a real bad weather the event does not take place and can be postponed if necessary.
  • If the free driving should fail, we announce this promptly via our Facebook page before. In a private event, we are of course in personal contact with you and look together, as and whether your event can be carried out in bad weather.
  • Longer race times / more laps can be individually clarified. Just write us a message or call us.
  • SODI RT8 V2 GX390 (13 hp) / up to 70 km / h fast
  • Free driving: Children are allowed to participate from 12 years (minimum size 1.40m) and ride only in a group with other children.
  • Individual bookings: Younger children can participate here too, as we can throttle our karts electronically depending on their wishes and situation. Call us and we will discuss and plan an individual event.

You should feel comfortable during the race. The right clothes play a crucial role here. There is nothing worse than from z. B. a too tight pants in a race to be disturbed. That’s why:

Wear comfortable clothes where you can sit comfortably and stretch your legs and arms. However, the clothes should not be too loose at the same time. Depending on the season, a simple T-shirt and jeans are quite enough. Sneakers or sneakers are the ideal footwear for card use; Sandals (or even shoes with heels) have lost rather little here.

You can get balaclavas and helmets from us, of course you can also bring your own equipment. Just make sure that you’re not dressed too thick – if the adrenaline flows through your veins, it can quickly get you very warm. Long hair should be tied up and safely stowed under the balaclava and helmet.

Any kind of jewelry should rather be left at home. Too easy this could get lost on the track.

You can pay with cash when driving outdoors.

No, possibly in the future. Currently, all our karts are not electric, but motogetrieben.

An engineer from the USA invented the go-karts: in 1956, Art Ingels built the first go-kart with the help of a bicycle chain and a lawnmower engine. The engineer had previously cared for the construction of racing cars technically for the car manufacturer Kurtis Kraft. He mounted the motor of the lawnmower on a tubular frame and his sons drove enthusiastically around the garden on the vehicle. The idea was well received. Just four years later, more than 100,000 Americans had already built their own go-kart. Around the same time, there were also first attempts in Canada to build a go-kart. Some Canadians built tree saw engines in wooden frames and drove through the vast forests of the country.

The go-kart has fans worldwide

Already in 1957, the first kart races took place in parking lots in the USA. These races were not completely harmless: In 1959, for example, five people lost their lives in unofficial races. A few years later, it became safer on the newly built official racetracks. In the US, the first go-kart club was founded: the Go-Kart Club of America. But Ingels idea was due to their simplicity, not only in the US many imitators. In 1958, the trend also spilled over to Europe and South America. Soldiers of the US Army stationed in Europe made the go-kart known here. As early as 1959, go-karts were shown for the first time at the world-famous motor show in Paris. In Wiesbaden founded the local automobile club a short time later, the first German go-kart club (Go-Kart Club Germany eV, abbreviated GKCD). In Wiesbaden in 1960, the first German go-kart race took place. Go-kart fans continued to work hard: in addition to motors from lawn mowers, engines from water pumps, small motorcycles and motorboats were also tested bit by bit. Driving go-karts became so popular in Germany, among other things, because even PS fans who can not afford a chic sports car, can participate in motor racing.

Karting sports today

Today, the karting sport is known worldwide and is indispensable. In addition to the more popular kart races on kart tracks, kart slalom is also very popular in Germany.

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