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GPS tracker: keep an eye on your child when he’s on the go.

Place your GPS tracker in your child’s satchel and be notified when they arrive or leave the school or home.

Your GPS tracker is lightweight, discreet, and has several months of battery life. You will be notified when the battery level is low.

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The free Invoxia GPS app

Set specific zones with your app and receive a notification when your child enters and leaves those zones. You can define as many zones as you want: the school, your home, his football club, his best friend’s house.

Immediately localize your child.

Its location is sent every 5 minutes (depending on configuration, network and coverage)

The Invoxia GPS tracker is available for iOS and Android.

You were satisfied with the Invoxia GPS tracker:

Starred quickly and works perfectly The product was delivered to me in less than a week.

“I live in Frankfurt and use the device to track my car. The app makes tracking very easy. Of course, the car cannot be followed continuously, but the route I tried was roughly displayed (with signal transmissions a few minutes away). I also tested the alarm function (when the device leaves a certain zone) and it works. The battery seems to last a long time, and I’ve been using the device for less than a week, so I have to check again after a few months. Therefore, enough for my purposes (i.e. knowing where my car is). ”

GPS tracker

“The device is perfect. Works very well. I installed it in a robotic lawnmower. The long battery life is very good. ”


“Absolutely top. I use it in Slovakia. Works as described. The battery lasts well. ”

Absolutely first choice

“Describing everything positive is unnecessary, since everything works exactly as described here. Now you could say that I could have saved this review. But everyone should know that everything works perfectly (including a very simple connection to the app, 3-year subscription already included in the purchase price) and the manufacturer / distributor should be rewarded with 5 stars for their work. "

You reported on Invoxia’s GPS tracker

Without SIM card and without distance restrictions!

Invoxia’s Pet Tracker does not require a SIM card or mobile phone contract. Invoxia’s Pet Tracker uses low-power networks and is therefore superior to the other trackers in terms of autonomy and efficiency. The Invoxia GPS tracker is also offered at no additional cost: the three-year subscription to the low-power networks is included in the price. After the 3 years have expired, access to the service only costs € 9.99 / year (i.e. € 0.83 / month); registration takes place from the app.

For optimal security, the Invoxia GPS Tracker has developed further and has now integrated IFTTT

You can now link your tracker to other applications. Example: As soon as the car leaves the garage, the alarm is triggered automatically. When you get home from work, the lights, music and thermostat come on. As soon as your child leaves school or leaves a predefined safety zone, you can receive an email notification if you wish. In an emergency, the tracker can share its location with account users via an alarm button. The possibilities are endless.

The Invoxia GPS tracker, the tracker with the extra long battery life

Thanks to its optimized development, the Invoxia GPS tracker remains active for 1 to 6 months, depending on the operating mode and use. You will receive a notification as soon as the battery level of your GPS tracker is less than 20%. You can easily recharge your GPS tracker via USB with the supplied cable in less than 1.5 hours.

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