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Children are the most important thing for us. That is precisely why we are very concerned about our little ones. If both Parents working are, then they make children more frequently alone on the way to school. In year In 2016 there were 2,500 cases of missing children known. That goes from one Statistics of the State Criminal Police Office out. This is a Increase of 600 cases compared to the previous year. Certainly you give it to the children advices on the road like this behave towards strangers should. This includes the instruction not to accept sweets from a stranger or to make themselves known in another way for help. This is definitely the right way, but it cannot prevent attacks in advance.

In the worst case, the person uses physical superiority and simply pulls the child into a vehicle. A GPS tracker will not be able to prevent this completely. Nevertheless, you have one greater chance of locating the child and the exact Determine location at any time. So you can clear up such cases. That gives you at least as a father and as a mother safety and can help to find the child at any time. But even if the child has to travel alone for some reason or is on a school trip, you can his child thanks to a tracker with a clear conscience leave unattended. How exactly the tracker works, what functions it has and how it is operated is explained in the following text.

The 2 types of children’s GPS trackers

First of all, it should be mentioned that there are two ways to keep an eye on your children through location. On the one hand there is one Mobile app of the child. On the other hand, there are also separate devices such as the prosthesis GPS tracker or e.g. a stylish GPS tracker watch for kids. More on this below.

The Mobile phone location via app has the disadvantage, that the location no longer works if the cell phone has been switched off or if the battery is empty. If the child has been kidnapped, the first thing to do is intervene on the mobile phone with the child.

There he has Prothelis GPS Tracker a lot ahead of the location app. The prothelis GPS Tracker is a transmitter, which can be created very differently. The battery performance is also much better than with any smartphone. There are also several options for wearing the GPS Tracker, more on that later.
Here are the Functions of the tracker von Prothelis are here once at a glance:

– The device enables one precise real-time location through GPS and GLONASS
– There is also a Geo-fence function. This allows you to virtually define a specific area. If the child leaves it, there is an instant message on the smartphone.
Historical route, so that you can also see the places where the child has been throughout the day.
– There is also a Temperature and speed measurement. So you can always see if the child is outdoors and how fast it is moving.
– By the 24 hour notification service you always stay up to date
– the weight is with 32 grams not to be undercut
– In standby mode, the device guarantees a Battery life of up to 24 days
– The GPS tracker is too waterproof and can also go to the beach
– In the dark one can led lamp to be activated.
– The device is in with the app 192 countries in the world can be used
– You can use the device to protect your children. But pets and valuables can also be protected.
– Tracking can be done via a free app or in a web browser
– The one you need SIM card is already in the device integrated
– The tracker was developed and manufactured in Germany – Quality made in Germany

The battery life can be in Standby mode 24 days survive. When the device is active, the device can send up to 5 full days.
The commissioning of the GPS tracker from prothelis GRETA is very easy to use even for beginners. Attached you will find a very easy to understand instruction manual in German. It also does not require any complex installation or adjustment. Everything is already configured properly at the factory. You can register directly on the manufacturer’s website and get started right away.
The GPS tracker is not operated directly. controlled everything will with the mobile app or with the browser on the PC. So you can always keep an eye on everything on the go.
The use of the app is very intuitive. If desired, several trackers can be monitored at the same time. For this, the registered trackers are only clicked. Everything already appears to you. Functions such as the geo-fence or other data can also be used here.

GPS tracker child: wristwatch as a fashionable and useful accessory

A nice one alternative to the GPS transmitter is the TCL Movetime Family Watch MT30. It is a waterproof smartwatch for children. There are many functions in this, with the central security features are. The most important thing is GPS transmitter and the SOS button. If the child is in need and needs help, the child can via the SOS button immediately the Inform parents.

This call for help is in the App displayed on parents’ smartphone. It is practical that the same Whereabouts of the child is shown. You can also get one here Set up geofence. at leave this fence you also get one notification.
The one for that required app you can just in Download the app store for Android and iOS for free. It can with an app too operated several watches become. Special costs are not required to use the app. The GPS watch is available in different colours and looks like a normal smartwatch. Overall, that is Design suitable for children and suitable for everyday clothing, without being particularly noticeable.

Why the GPS transmitter is so important for the child?

Because more and more parents are working and that children more frequently longer distances to school at a young age may have to travel Tracker important for a child become. That doesn’t just count as Protection from shady people in everyday life, but also in the event that Child runs. Even if the child Forgets about time while playing, you can quickly take a look at the location. The save one that uncertainty and also that stress, whom one can feel as parents in such cases.

Children’s GPS Tracker – you should pay attention to this when buying

The Quality and workmanship should be in the foreground. Because that secures them longevity and also the transmission reliability is determined by it. You should ask yourself in advance what functions you can expect from a GPS tracker. On this basis you can easily to compare and find out the best personal device for you. The Additional functions can then be evaluated separately.

How GPS tracking works for children

The functionality this GPS tracker from GRETA is the same simple as with other positioning systems. The tracker has one Live location using GPS, GSM and GLONASS and therefore also about that mobile network. According to the manufacturer, this guarantees one if possible precise location. The The accuracy of this location is up to 3 meters and thus provides great reliability. The app is able to user right away to the location of the tracker navigate. It can also be certain Security areas (geofences) established become.

This setting can also be made via the app or on the PC. Should the child have the leave the specified area, then you get one right away Push message on his phone Posted. This means that distances traveled can be viewed and Motion logs are created. Also one speed limit can be adjusted. If those exceeded the program by means of the Location determination calculated the distance traveled in the specified time. If the specified value is exceeded, you will also receive a notification. So you can also see if the child unscheduled in a car or bus. The same can be done with the Temperature in the area to adjust.

If you’d prefer important news called you can also set that. This can be important in terms of time if the child never goes with someone else.
It can be entered individually, in which cases how exactly to contact. For one telephone notification 2 phone numbers must be stored. If the first contact number cannot be reached directly, then instead of the second number contacted. This ensures that you will receive this message immediately.

The tracker is also in the vacation available. Especially when the child may have to fly alone.
Unlike other GPS transmitters, GRETA offers the automatic flight mode on. This function can be activated if you want to travel with the tracker. The tracker switches then automatically into flight mode. This extends the battery life and you do not violate the regulations on board.

GPS tracker for the child: the cost

It is certainly important to know what the surveillance should cost you. A service fee is due for the GPS tracker from prothelis. This package includes the location and all other costs are already included. This service can be used in 192 countries around the world. This flat rate varies depending on the service booked. The costs are between 4.99 euros a month. This is not a subscription in the real sense. The cheapest would be one Subscription with a term of 2 years. That would come with EUR 3.79 per month to book. There is also the possibility of one 6 or 12 month subscriptions. These lie less than 5 euros a month. The costs of this provider are in the lower price segment compared to other manufacturers. Other service packages are often more expensive.

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