Gran canaria with children – 18 tips for family vacations

The island of Gran Canaria is a >

Visit the beautiful beaches, tropical gardens or one of the many amusement parks on the island. We give you tips for things to do so that the Gran Canaria holiday with children becomes a great family holiday.

Sioux City

The Western Park Sioux City on Gran Canaria has been a popular destination for families with children for over 40 years. The replica of a real western town is located on an area of ​​320,000 square meters. In the former Western film set, scenes from the life of the cowboys at the time are recreated.

The bank robberies played, the wild duels between cowboys and Indians or the cattle drive are surely adventurous for children. Among other things, crocodiles, emus and cute meerkats live in the local zoo.

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Watch dolphins

The popular boat tours for dolphin watching start in many ports on Gran Canaria. While driving through the sparkling water you can watch the dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. Many boats are also equipped with a glass floor, so that you can also observe many other marine animals below the water surface. This extraordinary boat tour is a completely new experience, especially for children, and will certainly provide plenty of conversation at home.

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Go submarine

One of the most interesting tips for excursions on the island of Gran Canaria is definitely the submarine ride. You can do this on this tour sea discover from a completely different perspective. Experience with your children the interesting underwater world of the Atlantic Ocean with the many colorful schools of fish and old shipwrecks lying on the sea floor.

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camel rides

Camel rides are offered in many places in the Canary Islands. The kids will love riding the gently rocking giants through the sand. Some adult riders may feel like a Tuareg in the Sahara on the camel’s back, while he takes a leisurely ride through the popular dunes of Maspalomas.

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Palmitos Park

A park with many shows and attractions. About 10 kilometers north of Maspalomas is the approximately 20 hectare Palmitos Park, which is composed of an animal park and a botanical garden. Hundreds of different types of orchids grow here in the largest orchid house in the Canary Islands. In the cactus garden, some of the cacti even reach a height of over 3 meters.

A particularly popular attraction in Palmitos Park are the dolphin show and the bird of prey show. Also worth seeing are the reptiles in the alligator lake and the aquarium with its poisonous doctor and scorpion fish. The largest butterfly house in Europe is also located in Palmitos Park.

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Angry Birds Park

The Angry Birds Activity Park is located in Mogán in the south of Gran Canaria. Many families are probably familiar with Angry Birds characters from computer games or game consoles. There are various play areas in the park, each adapted to the age of the children. So every child can let off steam in the park with the various activities. For example, go-karting, jumping on trampolines, skating ramps and many other attractions. Of course, the well-known pigs can be bombarded with water, which always ensures a lot of fun for the children.

Poema del Mar

The Poema del Mar aquarium is located in the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Puerto de La Luz). On an area of ​​over 12,000 square meters, you can second largest aquarium in the world Marvel at amphibians, reptiles, small mammals, fish and birds.

The huge aquarium with the largest rounded disc ever built is the heart of the system. In the lifelike mangrove landscape, visitors can marvel at more than 300 exotic and native animal species.

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The largest water park in Gran Canaria, Aqualand Maspalomas, offers families with children an eventful day. Younger children can have fun in the children’s pool with all kinds of water games and colorful fairy tale characters in the mini park.

The older ones will probably spend the day predominantly on more than 10 water slides. Other attractions include the great water maze and the water slides "Snake Falls" and "Anaconda".

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Mundo Aborigen

The Mundo Aborigen theme park is located in the south of Gran Canaria, in the middle of the Fataga Gorge. In this extraordinary park, visitors can learn a lot about the culture and history of the Canary Islands. More than a hundred life-size, faithfully reproduced figures tell the story of the first inhabitants. The goats, dogs and pigs that also live in the open-air museum will certainly be more interesting for the little ones.


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