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discovered the beautiful Gran Canaria! Endless sandy beaches, steep cliffs, rustic mountain villages, breathtaking hiking trails and fun-loving, friendly people await you.

The busy shopping streets, Amusement parks and restaurants of Las Palmas are in a charming contrast to the remote beaches in the west of the island of Gran Canaria and therefore have something to offer for everyone.

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Where to go – Gran Canaria as a travel destination for your next family vacation

Gran Canaria, Not far from the northwest coast of Africa in the Atlantic, is the third largest island in the Canary Islands after Tenerife and Fuerteventura. The approximately 1,500 square meter island has a surprising amount of variety to offer. The inland is almost untouched.

The landscape of Gran Canaria is characterized by rugged mountains and dark volcanic rocks. The island comes to life on the coast: Jet ski rides, dolphin tours or water parks provide fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Each of the four island regions in Gran Canaria is unique. The lively Las Palmas differs fundamentally from the quiet interior of the island and the romantic west.

The lively north

Las Palmas is the turbulent capital of the island. Life bubbles here. The promenade is lined with restaurants and ice cream parlors. The numerous shops invite you to extensive shopping tours. Extensive meadows and valleys shape the landscape outside the city. Let yourself be enchanted by the romantic mountain villages with tiny alleys.

The dry east

The east of the island is characterized by dunes and endless beaches. Many hotels can be found here due to the attractive dune landscape. Punta de la Cueva is a mysterious place. The sea has dug deep caves in the stone, which are wonderful to explore. The east of the island is much quieter compared to the north and therefore also perfect for a vacation in Gran Canaria with babies and toddlers.

The hot south

The south of the island is sun-drenched. There is hardly any rain here, so the landscape seems skinny. Endless bathing beaches and bizarre bathing bays as well as the lively fishing villages are the highlights in the south of the island.

The Playa de Mogán Puerto de Mogán is 300 meters long. Since it falls flat, it is particularly child-friendly. So swim trunks or bikini on, sunscreen and don’t forget the water wings for the little non-swimmers and off into the water!

The wild West

In the west of the island you will find mountains, volcanoes and steep cliffs. Sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. San Nicolás is one of the most charming cities in western Gran Canaria. The hotels here offer a breathtaking sea view.

Also great hikes can be done in the west of the island. When the temperatures are not too hot, this region invites you to extensive hikes, which you can do with yours Holidays in Gran Canaria of course you can also enjoy it with your dog.

Best time for traveling with kids Gran Canaria

The weather on the island is mostly determined by the trade wind. Winters in Gran Canaria are mild, the summers pleasantly warm. Average temperatures vary from 21 degrees in January to 28 degrees in June.

In winter there is rain six days a month – definitely not comparable to German winters, in midsummer it only rains on a single day. The water temperatures are at a constant 20 degrees a year.

The blooming spring – Holidays in Gran Canaria in March, April & May

Spring is particularly beautiful as the island begins to bloom. The almond blossom festival is a very special experience. The landscape on Gran Canaria is bathed in pink and white flowers in spring. The festivities are accompanied by dance and singing groups. The colorful island carnival takes place in late February / early March on the Canary Island.

The warm summer – the perfect season for a holiday in Gran Canaria

The average summer temperature is 28 degrees, but a hot wind from the east can cause the thermometer to climb to 40 degrees in August. The founding of Las Palmas is celebrated on June 24th. The patron saint of Carmen takes place in summer in all port cities. At a Family vacation in Gran Canaria it will never be boring in summer.

The colorful autumn

In autumn there is a pleasant cooling. On September 8th the Fiesta Mayor organized. The celebration in honor of the island’s patron saint lasts a full ten days. An internationally known regatta takes place in November.

So enjoy the wonderfully pleasant and late summer temperatures in autumn and spend the autumn vacation with sun, beach and sea in October in Gran Canaria.

The mild winter

In January, snow can even fall on Gran Canaria at higher altitudes. Still lie the temperatures at sea level still at a pleasant 20 degrees. Bathing is still possible in the coastal cities of the island.

Football tournaments and others can be found on the island at this time when it is not that hot anymore Sports events instead of. Mary’s conception on December 8th and Christmas are the biggest festivals of the year in Gran Canaria.

Why do you enjoy Christmas and New Years Eve not even in Gran Canaria and spending your family vacation together in winter? The next wave of flu and the eternal slush on the streets can also do without you if you instead soak up some sun on the beautiful island in the Atlantic.

Culture & Nature: Holidays in Gran Canaria for every taste

On vacation Gran Canaria is great fun for everyone. There are no limits to leisure activities. Children especially get their money’s worth.

Sporting activities in Gran Canaria

If its about sports then all kinds of water sports such as swimming, diving and snorkeling, surfing and kiting are the top priority in Gran Canaria.

in the Sports center Sun Fun from Playa del Inglés you can also rent bicycles and mountain bikes to explore the island on your own. Whether by bike, on foot on a hike or by car, there is a lot to discover in Gran Canaria:

The Venice of the South – Puerto de Mogan, the 1500 m highest point on the island of Cruz de Tejeda, the cave village in the Barranco de Guayadeque near Agüimes (you don’t need to plan much time here, but it’s worth it) and the town of Teror in the center of the island, which has so far been spared from tourism , In Teror you can get to know the island of Gran Canaria with its original architecture and way of life.

More insider tips for traveling with children in Gran Canaria from Most children love a submarine excursion, because that’s certainly not an everyday occurrence. The yellow submarine lies in the mole of Puerto de Mogan and drives almost every day. Sioux City in Augustin inspires the children with a cowboy show.

Beaches, lakes & Hikes in Gran Canaria

Güigüi is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the island, it is only from sea to reach out. The water is crystal clear. The Maspalomas dunes are a Synonymous with a perfect beach holiday in Gran Canaria. The valley of Valle de Agaete is the most fertile valley on the island and invites you to take long forays. Numerous reservoirs like Presa del Mulato are ideal for a detour.

Relaxation & Wellness in a climatic health resort

Relaxation and wellness have a long tradition in Gran Canaria. Already in the 19th century, the island, which has a mild and warm climate all year round, was a climatic health resort. Even though people prefer to talk about wellness and the like today, nothing has changed in the actual concept, because the fresh sea air is still incredibly beneficial and relaxing.

In the past, the fine gentlemen also gave themselves to the healing springs of the spas Azuaje and Los Berrazales However, today these are only partially accessible. A wide range of wellness programs with spa, aloe vera, massages and thermal baths are part of many hotels. Just have a look on our page and inform yourself about the best wellness offers in Gran Canaria.

crocodiles & Animal parks for the whole family

The Cocodrilo Park with crocodiles and other exotic animals is fun for the whole family. Also the Reptilandia Park in Gáldar is worth a trip. The Palmitos Park has a beautiful one orchid garden, to offer an aquarium and many other animals that prefer to live on land rather than in water.

in the botanical garden Jardín Canario in Tafira Alta and in Cactualdea Park you can discover numerous other beautiful plants in addition to giant cacti.

Guanche & Technology for curious children & parents

The Mundo Aborigen is an open air museum where everything revolves around the Guanche people and tells you what Gran Canaria looked like before the island was conquered and annexed by the Spaniards. The place is Maipés de Agaete a burial mound with over 700 graves of the indigenous people of Gran Canaria. There you can not only catch a glimpse of the skeletons, but also of the beautiful landscape.

in the Museo Elder de la Ciencia y la Tecnología in Las Palmas this time it’s not all about antiquity, because technology is the top priority in this museum. Young and old can trace the technical achievements of the present, the recent past and technical developments long before our time. Experiments and hands-on stations are also available and make the visit an exciting experience, especially for younger guests.

Carnival, events & Concerts in Gran Canaria

Some love it Carnival and carnival and the others don’t. No matter which group you belong to, the carnival on Gran Canaria, which is celebrated in February / March, is something very special. Bad weather with cold temperatures and a lot of rain are out of place here.

On carnival the weather in Gran Canaria is much more pleasant and you can even celebrate on the beach, because every little corner on the island is characterized by this colorful and cheerful festival. Are you sure? Then go on a carnival holiday in Gran Canaria!

In June takes place the Festival de Música Popular held in Las Palmas. Local folklore groups perform here. You can experience even more culture and tradition of the island population on the holidays, when on July 16 Carmen, the patron saint of fishermen, or the holy virgin of the pine tree, to be celebrated and worshiped on September 8th.

Culinary highlights in Gran Canaria

Spanish tapas, small portions of traditional dishes on small plates, are the culinary highlight of Gran Canaria. Exotic fruits thrive everywhere and are freshly available in the markets. Good Appetite!


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