Grandma’s household tips and useful tricks for housewives in the household

household Tips

A collection of grandma’s old household tips and household tricks for the clever housekeeping in everyday life. A household tip can work wonders when it comes to an annoying little thing or an insoluble problem costs your time and money, though it would be easy to solve with the right budget tip.

household Tips & household tricks

With us you will find practical, useful and free household tips for every situation in the private household. Use our knowledge gathered here as a reference book for your problems in the household. Our tips and tricks are ancient wisdom from moms, grandmothers, moms and housewives who are also suitable for bachelors. Household tips for the everyday problems in the household;)

Clear out the household

Now and then it happens that the household needs to be cleaned up. It is in the nature of man, that from time to time old objects have to be removed. But how should one start and, above all, when should one […]

Eliminating drainage blockage – this is how it works!

Sink, kitchen sink, shower and bath are used daily. That is why it often happens that an outflow is blocked. If there is an outlet blockage, the water can no longer run off.

Clean up and clean up with the Konmari method

To live minimalist means to have no ballast. It does not mean to have nothing. Ballast is found in almost every household. This is where the Konmari method comes in. It helps to get rid of unnecessary junk and ballast and drastically eliminate it.

Overview of fabrics for Kle />

Different substances require different treatment. Whether precious silk or delicate wool. For any care instructions, you should always follow the instructions on the label.

Optimal dishes dry without water stains

Even if most people the slogan “Then it works well with the neighbors” of the radiant housewife with sparkling wine glass in the camera holding certainly no longer hear, but the inwardly gnawing envy tells us all: “I want to […]

The best barbecue recipes for the gas grill

Once the barbecue season starts, barbecue friends will enjoy juicy steaks and grilled vegetables. With the gas grill, the season basically does not end, because it is ready for use throughout the year.

The best home remedies to clean jewelry

Home remedies are always used today. So there are a lot of interesting tips and tricks to be followed. Because of this, it is even more important that you keep up with the times, so that the jewelry does not break and […]

Clean the fireplace – this will clean the stove

The fireplace should be cleaned at regular intervals. Only in this way does the fireplace work safely and efficiently – Here you will learn how.

Fast vegetarian recipes for the summer

This article describes five vegetarian dishes for the summer, which can be prepared without much effort. The dishes are reasonably priced and prepared quickly and produce little washing-up.

A few classic housewife tips

Life can sometimes take unprecedented paths. For some young graduates, a new and exciting life begins right after graduation. For the other hand, not much happens. There are some girls who are already married at a young age […]

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