Great exercise games for the winter in the daycare

Children also have a great need for exercise in winter. However, there is sometimes a lack of incentives to exercise in the cold season. Read here which attractive exercise games you can play with the children of your daycare center in winter.

Practical example: Anke Haase is a group teacher in the mouse group. On Monday in February, the boys Manuel, Justin and Finn are already waiting for them when they start working. “Play the fast games like today outside? It was so much fun last week! "

Encourage movement even in winter with games

Offer children plenty of exercise opportunities in the fresh air, especially in winter. This strengthens the children’s immune system and helps them to become more balanced and focused.

The games described on this page can all be played outdoors. It is possible to offer a single game or to string several games together.

1. Movement game for daycare: rocket launch

All children choose a place outdoors. Everyone now imagines that he is a rocket that starts in a short time. Each child launches its own rocket: it first makes quiet noises, then louder and then deafening engine noises. Gradually all other parts of the body come into action:

  • the arms circle,
  • the feet trample,
  • clap your hands,
  • snap your fingers,
  • the tongue clicks.

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If no further increase in noise is possible, the child jumps up. The rocket has now started. Here you promote that every child fills their lungs with oxygen and loosens all parts of the body.

This game can be played with any number of children. You need a game master. The rocket launch is great for warming up.

Version 1: To keep the children calm and move as many parts of the body as possible, such as B. the arms, the hands, the fingers, the tongue, then less and less and finally the rocket gently hits with both legs on the ground.

Variant 2: You can also arrange an appointment with the children to accompany the individual parts of the body with certain sounds when starting the rocket, e.g. B.

  • the sound connection Mi-Mi-Mi in arm circles,
  • the letters AAAAAAAA trampling with their feet
  • the sounds of Wa-Wa-Wa-Wa-Wa clapping hands
  • the loud fip-fip-fip when snapping fingers

The children have great fun with the sound support and the attention, concentration and coordination skills of the children are encouraged.

2. Movement game for daycare: snowball run

4 children stand next to each other. Each child has a tablespoon in hand. A ball of snow is lying on this tablespoon.

At the command of the educator, all the children start running, and everyone tries to be the first to reach the goal. The child who reached the goal first without the quick ball falling won.

Any number of children can take part in this game. The children should be familiarized with the destination and the running route beforehand. If you have a lot of children, you can also do a relay race.

Variant: If there is no snow, the children can wear a cotton ball. If you want to make the game more challenging, it is possible to put obstacles on the running track that the children have to run around.

3. Movement game for the daycare: natural Mikado

Do she with a walk in the woods for the children. When they arrive in the forest, the children are given the task of collecting sticks. Each child should collect about 20 sticks.

2 children go together in pairs and use the sticks collected together for a game. The children now play Mikado together gently and carefully on a level forest floor.

The children throw the wooden boxes onto a pile and try to take off the branches one after the other without another wooden stick wobbling.

Each child can take away branches until one of them wiggles. Then it is the turn of the other child. When all the sticks have been collected, the children count the branches. The child who picked up the most branches won.

This game "Natural Mikado" is particularly suitable during breaks, when all children need to relax a little.

Conclusion: Especially in winter, exercise in the fresh air is important and valuable for all daycare children. Use the winter games in a targeted way to get the children excited about it.


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