Great furnishing ideas for the children’s room

The first own room makes children’s hearts beat faster – here is simply the most beautiful place to play, to be creative and to discover the world for yourself with amazed eyes. For all parents, there is always the important question of which one decorating ideas A great room is created that inspires the imagination of the kids and makes their “own realm” unmistakable at any time. We’ll show you what really matters.

Good furniture with plenty of storage space

A lot of practical storage furniture is the be-all and end-all, because the space requirement in the children’s room is naturally very high. Whether toys, painting utensils, knick-knacks or children’s books – those who plan cleverly right from the start make optimum use of the total area and thus create important free spaces that delight young and old kids alike. Make sure that you also make ideal use of niches and corners, e.g. by attaching narrow shelves or intelligently placed chests of drawers. A very quality The high-quality assortment of the furniture brand Mondo also helps with the individual selection of furniture for children’s and youth rooms. It makes your purchase decision easier and turns the children’s room into a safe place to play, sleep and rest.

Optimal bed, relaxed sleep

In the very first years of life is this Classic cot recommended unreservedly. It usually presents itself in a timelessly simple design and, ideally, should be made of solid and untreated wood (e.g. ash or pine). From an age of about six years, stable and stable loft beds also offer new sleeping and play options. In smaller children’s rooms in particular, you can use it to create completely new spaces, e.g. for the children’s desk or a creatively designed play area.

In the later planning of a youth room, however, it is particularly important to create a variety of other sleeping or seating options in addition to the bed. A small sofa as well as trendy pieces of furniture or quickly expandable add-on systems that can be easily expanded in a modular manner are particularly popular with young people.

Colored walls are really fun

Painting in traditional white is still very popular in children’s and youth rooms. It looks bright and ensures a pleasant distribution of the incident light. However, you can immediately see every smudge, scratch or fingerprint. Sensible remedies therefore create invitingly beautiful wall colors such as yellow, a lighter blue or – depending on your taste – other rainbow colors.

Creative wall decals are popular

Of course, the following also applies here: if the child gets older, the personal color favorites for wall design almost inevitably change. But that shouldn’t be a problem, because even high-quality colors can be priced in almost any household budget. Our tip: for a great coat of paint in the color of your choice, you can of course combine the various "wall tattoos" thanks to trendy motifs: from bears, princesses and unicorns for the little ones to funny lettering and cool graffiti for absolutely unmistakable youth rooms. As you can see, it is really easy to equip child-friendly rooms with lots of ideas. And: the satisfied smile of your own offspring when you first explore the newly designed "favorite place" is worth the effort in any case.

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