Great ideas for a cool space children’s room: 3

This year my big son started school – time for a child’s room makeover! The "baby pattern" and animals on the wall were no longer really cool for a 6 year old. But what instead? Simply neutral or a themed room? Pirates, knights, sports?

My big one is an inquisitive researcher and so space came-idea. And because I am a big fan of great wallpapers, I simply looked on the Internet and found a hammer-universe wallpaper to design a wall. With planets, spaceships and astronauts on it. So the motto was clear! It’s also cool enough with age and doesn’t have to be renewed in two years.

Are your children also space fans?

I will show you my ideas for space nursery here, maybe there is something for you too!

Left: the children’s room before

The time frame: The remodeling of the children’s room with all the trimmings took five days (every day a few hours, I honestly underestimated it because every day there were more ideas added) – with clearing, shopping, painting, wallpapering, building and converting the Furniture and curtain sewing. I had help with setting up the furniture, otherwise it was a one-woman project – if you all get involved, it will be much faster for you!

So here are my ideas for a small space nursery:

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The walls

The fantastic, brilliant Space Wallpaper is from Walltastic * and has an approximate size of 2.43m (height) x 3.05m (width). It is attached in 12 individual parts (ideally starting from the top left), the attachment points are clearly marked.

Applying wallpaper is child’s play, you just have to dare. In this case, I had the challenge that only the wall where the door is could be used for the wallpaper, because there are windows or furniture on the other that would cover up space with the great planets and spacecraft.

I simply covered the door of the children’s room with what was a little fiddling, but to master. To protect the wallpaper, I stuck transparent package tape over the areas on the outside edge of the door that are more stressed by touching etc..

The other three walls are painted in three different tones: a stronger light blue on the bed side, a very light one on the window side (both simply mixed together with room white and tinting color). And a bright orange on the desk side ("Mango" of beautiful living, but still "extended" with white).

Blue and orange also appear in the space wallpaper and make the room look bright and cheerful.

Courage! Wallpapering or painting walls colorfully always takes a bit of courage and the result can be "frightening" because it has a very intense effect. Trust me: once the paint has dried evenly and furniture is standing in front of it, it looks great!

To loosen up the whole thing further, I spontaneously wall stickers ordered with space motifs *. This is a colorful set of stickers with rockets, astronauts, planets and funny aliens. The Quality What is so special about this sticker set is that the motifs can be easily removed without leaving any residue and can be attached elsewhere (practical if the glued area was not as good as it should be or if it no longer pleases).

The furniture

All furniture in the children’s room is from IKEA. The loft bed We already had (Kura), here I just bought a new black storage bag for the side (Stickat) and silver bed lights to clip on for the top and bottom (Jansjö *).

I sewed a new curtain for the lower part of the loft bed from the same fabric of the curtains (we will get to that later) as a cave and a place of retreat for the children. If you can’t or don’t want to sew, you can also get ready-made curtain sets *.

To attach, simply get a "single-track" curtain track at the hardware store, saw to the correct length and screw it on (on the side and at the end of the bed). Don’t forget the matching "X-glides" to clip on the curtain!

Tip: There is currently a matching blue canopy for the Kura loft bed.

The Nursery cabinet (Stuva modular system) we had before and I just wanted to replace our green doors with blue doors. Pustekuchen, IKEA had changed the entire system shortly before and there is currently only black, turquoise and red (more bright orange) to choose from (front fritids), which caused me to have a short cardiac arrest.

Fortunately, the selected orange looks really great and harmonises well with the colored wall. (The old green fronts were then ripped out of my hand by other desperate parents on eBay classifieds.)

In addition came one writing desk (Micke with add-on element * including practical magnetic board) for the prospective school child. Tip: Do not place colorful furniture in front of colored walls, that would be too much. The white neutralizes and lets the orange shine beautifully. The lamp is an old, orange model Jansjö.

Not missing may of course a desk chair (Vimund, obviously no longer available in the color shown, Örfjäll would be an alternative).

The cool orange swivel chair is an older model from IKEA, but is still available in other colors (Lömsk). The hood can be closed completely, so that the little astronaut can hide well in it and play the space mission and rocket launch with wild turning. "Faster, mom! Again! More quickly!"

lamp & curtains

The highlight of the furnishings in the children’s room is the lamp (PS 2014 *, available in different sizes). With its futuristic science fiction design, it fits perfectly with the space motto and is of course something very special with the system for opening and closing.

The curtains For the future space room I had of course completely forgotten in my spontaneous planning and so I researched and measured again on the tablet and cut and sewed it on the last night before the "opening". The chosen curtains match the universe motto with the stars and are a very good balance to the bright colors of the wall and wallpaper. There are under curtains * with small light blue stars and opaque dark blue curtains * with silver stars, both of which are highly recommended in terms of quality.

Bed linen, laundry tub and toys

What comes to mind when renovating the children’s room: underwater bedding doesn’t go very well with the space motto. So it became the right one bed linen bought in space look *.

Finally, I have one laundry bin in the Star Wars design *, in which the cuddly toys are currently stored. The space toys shown are from the current "Mars Mission *" series from Playmobil.

The result

By the way, during the renovation of the children’s room and conversion from baby to space, we re-enacted “At home in happiness”. My son had to move out of his nursery a week and it was locked.

It was not only very exciting for him (frequent visits to the keyhole!;)), But also a good thing. In between, the room looked really, really messy and dirty and by no means as effective as the finished result!

At the opening he was ceremoniously led into the room with his eyes closed and it was also very exciting for me. After all, you never know with children whether they really like it. Luckily, the enthusiasm was huge and the cheers were great, and a space party was thrown with pretzel sticks and sprinklers.

And the lamp and wallpaper were the absolute highlight as expected and desired.

So what are you waiting for? Let yourself be inspired and turn your child’s room into a space adventure. 3… 2… 1… start!

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