Great ideas for a weekend with children

Great ideas for a weekend with children

Great ideas for a weekend with children

An overview of many great ideas for a weekend with the kids. Finally Friday afternoon! The long-awaited weekend is within reach and many families want to do something with their children. But often there is a lack of interesting ideas that both children and parents like. There are so many ways to make the two days off varied. And the family budget does not always have to be heavily used or long distances have to be accepted.

night walk

Each of us has an urge for adventure with a little creepy effect. This is probably the reason why night hikes are still the most popular activities on school trips and in the holiday camp. Start your short hike in familiar terrain at dawn. At the beginning, however, you should leave the flashlights in your backpack. Small stories that are told during the walk are also very popular with children. But make sure that no family member is seriously afraid.

A visit to the open air museum

Monastery gardens, Roman settlements, Black Forest courtyards, half-timbered houses and mills – there is a lot to discover for families in open-air museums. And a cozy spot for a picnic is almost always found. Numerous open-air museums in Germany offer a wide range, which also takes children into special account. For example, some museum villages offer special tours for small guests and even offer children’s birthday parties. Particularly dry days with mild temperatures in late spring, summer or early autumn are ideal for such family trips. Great side effect: The children learn vividly how people used to live.

Renaissance Faire

A journey into the past: knights ride through the alleys on a middle market, craftsmen forge horseshoes, others draw paper and exuberant children measure their strength in tournaments. The physical well-being is also taken care of. Hearty stew, hearty meat delights, lovely honey wine and lemonade are waiting for the hungry and thirsty visitors. But vegetarians also get their money’s worth and don’t have to watch the others eating. Special knight tournaments are often offered for children, where they can demonstrate their skill and courage. If you don’t want to swirl around with a sword, you can have fun instead with classics such as sack hopping, tug of war or egg walking. In addition, jugglers, minstrels and fire jugglers create a cheerful atmosphere.

Sports events

It doesn’t always have to be a football game: other team sports also provide thrills and a great atmosphere, such as basketball, ice hockey or handball. Tickets for first and second division games are often cheaper than for football and the stadiums and halls are usually not as crowded. Horse enthusiasts get their money’s worth visiting a horse show, while BMX and skate festivals are just the thing for adrenaline junkies.

flea market

It is always incredible how many things fit in a child’s room. But there are many belongings that are no longer really needed, but are too good to throw away. When there is a major cleanup again, pack a box with your children with old books, toys and well-preserved clothes that are no longer needed. And at the next flea market in your area, you and your whole family will be there with your own stand – a great experience. In addition, the youngsters learn from buyers to bargain prices and get an idea of ​​how much things are worth. And it also has a positive side effect: you will not only have a lot of fun, but also improve your pocket money.

walk in the woods

Get out into nature and leave your own four walls far behind – this not only benefits parents, but nature is also good for children. It is irrelevant whether the sun sends its warm rays outside or the forest sleeps under a white blanket in winter. On a walk in the forest there is a lot for the senses to discover: you can hear the birds chirping, feel pine cones and smell the clear forest air. In addition, the youngest have the opportunity to get to know the local wildlife and to search for traces in the forest – this is a fascinating discovery for everyone involved. The forest habitat is unique. Numerous animal species hide here – starting with small beetles, over the eagle owl to dams and red deer. During a walk in the forest, it can make sense to pack a plant and animal guide in your backpack. So you can look up on the spot which flower blooms on the side of the path or which animal crosses the path. A small box for finds, such as feathers or empty snail shells, also belongs in the pocket. And of course a delicious picnic made of sandwiches, fruit, vegetables and refreshing drinks should not be missing. However, there are also some Rules of conduct in the forest:

  • It must not be smoked or a fire lit.
  • High seats may not be entered
  • do not feed animals
  • Do not eat unknown mushrooms or fruits.

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