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Winter fun with sledding and sledding

What now? Tobogganing or sledding – both are the terms for a wonderful winter experience. The same is meant. As a child, sledding was for me, whizzing down a small slope. These hills were (for me as a child) always long and after three times my motivation was over. Even if it was somehow fun, the "toboggan fever" really grabbed me later.

Our tips for tobogganing with children can be found here and at the bottom of the most beautiful toboggan runs for sledding in the mountains

I discovered tobogganing in my "new" homeland of Tyrol as a completely new person for me. It is here that there are a particularly large number of kilometers of railways. What comes across as a boring forest trail in summer is a magical snow-covered toboggan run in winter. These are groomed by snow groomers and thus create perfect conditions.

On our winter holidays we almost always look for places where there are also toboggan runs. Skiing with every day Children too boring for us in winter. In the text below you will find our best toboggan runs organized by region. But now I’m going to tell you why tobogganing is a real family passion for us.

We love that when sledding: experience the real winter with children. Toboggan in nature with calm and sun.

Tobogganing with children on a winter vacation

First we hike uphill as a family through the wonderful winter landscape. In the quiet nature we discover snow-covered trees, icicles and frozen streams, animal tracks in the snow and other treasures of the winter forest. We often start telling stories during these slow and comfortable winter hikes. We have conversations for which there is not always time. So it goes curve after curve up the toboggan run.

Tobogganing with a child and panorama

Once at the top, we mostly have a wonderful panorama of the white peaks of the mountains and the snow-covered slopes. In sunny weather, a break is of course the order of the day. Sometimes we can stop in a hut. We almost prefer to sit in the sun in the snow and watch our children play. Our junior is really a master at inventing numerous snow games. For me, these are perfect family moments!

And then of course there is the descent. Comfortable or a bit more rapid (depending on your ability and mood!) It goes downhill into the valley. Kilometer long! We have to skilfully master the curves and of course there are small races. For all of us one of the most beautiful and favorite ways to come back down the mountain. And at home or in the hotel, you can warm up in the warm shower or sauna.

So we always experience great winter days. Without stress and hectic, in the midst of the beauty of the winter mountains.

Tobogganing in the mountains: great winter mood and beautiful tobogganing huts on the toboggan run in winter

Why sledding with children?

Winter fun without stress

Especially with our children, we can really enjoy sledding. Unlike skiing, we have no stress. We don’t have to be on time for any course and don’t have to wait in long lines. We just go as fast as we can (or of course the kids!) Want and can.

Winter fun even with toddlers

In the beginning, when our children were young, we naturally pulled them up the mountains. That demands a little sportiness from the parents. But for us that’s tobogganing too: winter sports. In the meantime, our children go themselves and can usually enjoy it. Small rewards and stories help to overcome “dry spells”.

Safety when sledding with children

But safety is also important for us when tobogganing, especially with children. Icy toboggan runs are taboo for us. A ski helmet is just as important. Experienced tobogganists also come off the track from time to time. In addition, children have to learn to adjust their own speed so that they can brake in time. And as a request: do not drive toboggan runs with plastic bobs or the like. It is really dangerous. On the groomed tracks, things just get out of control incredibly quickly. Those who do not have their own toboggan can borrow one from any winter sports resort.

Spiked shoes have proven to be beneficial when going up in the snow. If you go winter hiking or tobogganing more often, it’s worth it.

If it is slippery and icy, we like to take our shoes with spikes. from VIKING, our supplier

If you are not so often on snow and ice in winter, we recommend Grödel, which are “snow chains for shoes”. At first we didn’t take it seriously, but now we are convinced of it. They protect you from slipping and are also practical in early summer in snow fields. Check out my test for Val Gardena here.

Tobogganing with toddlers

Tobogganing on vacation is also perfect if the kids are not old enough to ski. That only works from about 4 years. But with the sled you can experience and enjoy winter wonderfully even with small children.

Tobogganing with children and toddlers

We started tobogganing with our children from the age of sitting. We screwed a seat back onto the sled. Another pillow clamped in the back and then the child warmly wrapped in a fur bag. With such small children, it is of course more about your own winter hiking experience than tobogganing. So you can be beautiful with small children in the winter.

Then it went slowly and comfortably down the toboggan run. We attached the seat back so that we could sit behind the child. This makes steering easier and you have a good view of the child.

When the children can play a little in the snow, the fun is even greater. I am always happy about the children’s joy in the snow.

-> here are our experiences and tips for sledding with toddlers.

Tobogganing with teenagers

We now have a child of the best age. But even at 14, our big son is an enthusiastic tobogganist. Uphill, he can let out all his energies and is of course first up there. Fortunately, the child’s joy in snow has not yet been lost. And so he can have fun with his little brother in the snow. He likes to be involved in snowball fights, snowball roles or other games in the cold white.

The highlight for teenagers is, of course, the rapid descent. Here, of course, mom always reminds him not to drive that fast. But some things do not quite go down well with tea ears &# 128578; , But when the mom looks into the big boy’s radiant face, the joy simply jumps over!

See how beautiful tobogganing can be here in the film!

It’s good for sledding with children here

During the winter family vacation in the mountains, a toboggan vacation with the children is especially fun. In some places there is a larger one selection on toboggan runs. So we can explore a different winter landscape every day and do not always have to go the same toboggan run. We experience the mountain landscape completely different than when we are on skis. The snow-covered mountains are more impressive and quiet.

If you don’t want to make such an effort, there are now many toboggan runs that you can do with the lift. The sledges are transported up (and of course you too) by gondola or chairlift. Then you can enjoy the long descent. For us personally this is only half the fun, but of course we also tried out some toboggan runs with a lift. Many of these lanes are also illuminated in the evening.

-> Night tobogganing and tobogganing with a lift

Fancy a toboggan vacation?

Inexpensive and many toboggan runs – you can find it here: We spent particularly beautiful winter days in the Wipptal. You know this valley from the passage from Innsbruck to the Brenner. But many small side valleys are hidden away from the motorway. Most of them are fairly undeveloped and there are wonderful toboggan runs. Pure nature! We stayed in the JUFA Hotel and were able to go to a different toboggan run every day.

-> look here: the affordable JUFA Hotel in Tyrol with many toboggan tours.

Tobogganing with children on vacation

And now the most beautiful toboggan runs that we have all tried out ourselves. Many trains are of course in Austria. In Tyrol in particular we have already ridden on many different toboggan runs. But South Tyrol also has a great offer. In Salzburg we discovered a particularly long train and it was quite romantic in Bavarian Forest. In Carinthia we also had long trains with great views. See for yourself where it is most beautiful for you and your family.

-> These toboggan runs in Carinthia are worthwhile with children

-> In South Tyrol toboggan with children to the most rustic alpine pastures and huts around the Dolomites

-> Tobogganing with children in Salzburg: the longest run is 14 km long – but there are also shorter ones …

-> Sledding with children in Bavaria between Allgäu and the Bavarian Forest

-> Tobogganing holidays with children in Tyrol – there is a toboggan run for sledding in almost every town

-> Tobogganing in Upper Austria at the foot of the Dachstein

uphill sledding

By the way, we discovered a funny alternative in Styria. Here at the Tonnerhütte there is the possibility of tobogganing uphill. With the drag lift you will be pulled up on the sledge. Then it goes down again "normally".

-> Uphill – sledding in Styria with children: family sledding holiday in Austria

If you don’t just want tobogganing or are looking for good winter offers, this could be something for you. In these areas there are not only ski slopes but also toboggan runs. This way you can combine tobogganing and skiing. We have found what we are looking for in some offers and have spent wonderful winter days.

Many families love that: quaint toboggan huts for eating and drinking

Inexpensive ski vacation with children in Austria & Germany

After seeing so many family hotels, we have partnered with JUFA Hotels. They are spread all over Austria, now even in Liechtenstein and also Germany. From the many good family hotels, we have selected those that are right on the ski slopes or that have a special winter offer. There are even family hotels on the slopes, including a free ski pass for the whole family! We can particularly recommend 25 offers for a cheap ski holiday with children, from a few days’ stay to a whole week in the snow.

Here are all 25 offers in detail and the advantages they offer:


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