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Pack baby gifts sustainably with Tetra Pak

Pack a baby sustainably, just how? You will love this upcycling gift bag from Tetra Pak! But attention, addictiveness! […]

Cotton is good for the skin and bad for the environment, or?

Yes and no. Cotton is neither good for the skin per se nor automatically bad for the environment. As probably no household gets by without cotton, I have to […]

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Barefoot boots by Wildling Shoes

So tiny, so fragile, so worth protecting are the little baby feet that are slowly being prepared for their responsible job of carrying the weight of a full-grown human for a lifetime. […]

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Who made my clothes? | Fair baby clover > April 29, 2018 | Martina

Do you also wonder from time to time where the clothes that you and / or your children are wearing come from? OK then! Because the more people ask, the better the […]

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SoloCoco | The coconut creates jobs for single people in the Caribbean

Mmh, yummy, who does not love the coconut? With coconut we combine holiday feeling, summer, beach and sea. Coconut gives the summer dessert, the ice cream but also the summer coctail a very special […]

Our material: peanut (“vegetable ivory”)

In the vast foothills of the Amazon you will find precious seeds that have been given the nickname vegetable and thus vegan ivory. Without disturbing the natural balance of the rainforest, the […]

Green Tip | Vegan detergent from chestnuts

Are you already busy collecting chestnuts and you do not know what to do with all those precious finds? I’ll show you how to get a free, […]

Breastmilk Chair | Natural stain removal with UV light with white clover > September 16, 2017 | Martina

Yellow spots on the white baby bodysuit, on the new romper or on the cotton changing mat? Breastmilk can easily be removed with a 60 degree wash. But what if clothes and changing mat […]

GOTS | What characterizes the currently highest standard for organic textiles

Hessnatur, Mama Ocllo, H&M and even Aldi advertise with it: textiles and clothing from controlled biological cultivation. GOTS is next to the “IVN BEST” seal the currently highest standard for organic textiles. Here the […]

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Sustainable washing | Win 1 out of 3 all-round clean packages from Ecover

The second half of the week at Mama Ocllo is all about skin-friendly and environmentally friendly washing. We’ll show you how to do good to yourselves and to the environment and how you […]

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