Ground cutting (m) on the Tegernsee – the hike to the bottom cutting

Bodenschne >

The bottom cutting can be climbed from several directions. According to Klaus Dullinger, for example, south of the Schliersee from Neuhaus over the Dürnbachtal, past the Bodenschneidhaus and the Firstalm.
But we are via Rottach Egern on the Tegernsee Direction Valepp after Enterotrope hazards. Shortly before the junction where it goes left to the Suttenbahn we parked in the parking lot (opposite the refuse collection point).
Contrary to the route described in many hiking guides on the Suttenalmen we are only 5 minutes walk down the beautifully landscaped healing trail then then (shortly after the small building yard) right steep into the forest Direction Bodenalm turn.
After a total of 2.5 hours at a moderate pace on mostly shady path we were at the summit. The Bodenschneid is a long-ridge that provides ample space and meadows for extended mountain picnics. &# 128578;

The view from the bottom cutting

The view has also been washed. To the west you can see wonderfully over to the Risserkogel and the Wallenberg, which on nice days is enveloped by a swarm of colorful paragliders. Northwest is one of the entire Tegernsee at your feet. Turning in the other direction east on the Schliersee past you see in the immediate vicinity of the back of the Brecherspitz with her somewhat barren ski slope. Right below that you can still see the Spitzingsee.

Ascent and descent:

In the ascent more beautiful, if sometimes quite steep forest path, a lot of shade, descent via Obere Firstalm and Untere Firstalm again and again uphill and down …, the last descent goes over gravel roads

Stages of the ground cutting hike

Parking – Bodenalm (2:00) – Bodenschneid (0:30) – Bodenschneidhaus – Untere Firstalm – Parking lot (2:30)


You can find very good directions in the Rother hiking guide “Münchner Wanderberge” by Siegfried Garnweidner Tour 41

>>Quick info about the tour

  • Start: Enterotage, parking just before the Suttenbahn (950m)
  • Height of summit:1,668 m
  • Altitude: 830m
  • Duration – way: 2:30
  • Duration – way back: 2:30

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