Grown up naturally

Although there is so much information, we “no longer see the forest for the trees”. Outside, we look for what is already in all of us: intuition and qualities of the heart. My art is:

  • Bring security to an unsafe world.
  • Head and heart, so mind and feeling to connect with each other.
  • Stabilizing – that means compacting. To make what already exists in us visible as our own strength.
  • To show connections and to support you in becoming more stable and more in your intuition and To follow your heart.

MY ROLE in our cooperation is as "Speaker for children " to show how children can grow up and mature happily. I dedicate myself to those who are at the root of "abnormalities" want to get to their full children human potential grown up allow. YOUR ROLL in our cooperation is one active, because you can also see for yourself what happens for the benefit of the children.

As "traveling companion" I give an orientation to find your traces of life again, sometimes in an unconventional way. I love working with groups in which I expose the “core” of people like a “detective” and like a “conductor”" can make my orchestra sound. My motto in life is: "Man is only completely where he plays" by Friedrich von Schiller. I love playing, getting people excited about creative processes, taking a "different view" to get to the source of slumbering resources.

For parents and professionals

  • You are looking for answers to educational questions?
  • Your child is in a stressful phase of life (e.g. defiance, puberty) ?
  • You just don’t get anywhere on your own, even though you really do your best?
  • Your child’s abnormalities are increasingly worrying you (aggression, resistance, fears.)?
  • You don’t want to get to know a new method, but a development-oriented, sustainable solution?
  • You want to understand children with behavioral problems?

You feel addressed?

For children

You are looking for a creative place for your children where they can try and discover for themselves?

You feel addressed?

For adults

  • You are looking for your potential, strengths, resources, skills?
  • You want to discover your uniqueness and make your dreams come true?
  • You feel that a new orientation is pending?
  • You will find it exciting to look into your own "lifeScript" to get?
  • You want to know what your life’s work is?

You feel addressed?

My offer

practice & holistic

individual advice

Pedagogical advice is based on a commitment and development approach. The relationship between the child and the adult is always in the foreground, with the adult taking responsibility for the relationship.

Lectures and workshops

Lectures give an insight into a specific topic. Workshops usually take place on one topic, but take longer than introductory lectures and the participants participate interactively.


Courses or seminars take place over several dates in order to delve deeply into a topic, to initiate processes and to come into contact with yourself.

And that’s what my customers say:

"The Adolescence Course from Prof. Gordon Neufeld at Cornelia Mertin was a great asset for me. I have learned so much about this phase of development that everyone experiences. In retrospect, I now understand a lot from my own adolescence. It was like a puzzle game when you put the pieces together. I am now looking forward to accompanying my own children through this phase ”.

Lena M., 41, two daughters

“Dear Cornelia, as course leader you paid equal attention to everyone who attended the course and paid everyone a lot of attention.
In a very manageable time frame of a few weeks it is possible to acquire a lot of basic knowledge of developmental psychology for "children under seven" years. The knowledge of the course is very practical and is just as valuable for parents and educators who work with children. It serves to reflect on one’s own actions and to find new ways of dealing with ground-in patterns. The course helps a lot to deviate from the view of treating and treating children as small adults.
It is possible to deal with this knowledge calmly and understandingly even with difficult behaviors. Thank you very much" .

“The adolescence course with Cornelia Mertin opened my eyes. It is now much clearer to me with what means and with what goal nature throws us into puberty. In addition to the many opportunities to keep access to our three children open and alive, I also learned a lot about myself and my own maturing.

Many internal and external conflicts seem logical and almost inevitable to me thanks to Gordon Neufeld’s developmental psychological approach. With this new lightness, I am sure that I will remain in close contact with my children even during this supposedly difficult time. ” .

The parenting course with Cornelia is just great! You learn a completely new perspective on the child to get, to have more understanding of the peculiarities of his child, how it develops and what it needs.

The realization that I did a lot with / with my child very intuitively was particularly good for me right make; but also that much of this intuition has also been lost because we are deeply unsettled by today’s social structure, the fast pace of life and the pressure to perform and succeed.

I thank you Cornelia for the knowledge gained, for your warm and warm way with which you convey this topic.

"Cornelia has one very very big heart for children and recognizes every little flame in every child. She is very empathetic, compassionate and yet clear in communicating with the children and draws from a very wide range of knowledge, because she is also a mother and educator herself ”.

The course “Children under 7” is a very nice informative course that EVERY mother, EVERY father or other members of the family like grandmas and grandpas should attend! You learn so much and suddenly understand that our children are normal and wonderful. We start to build a new relationship with them, and by relaxing, the whole family benefits. Thanks Cornelia!

“Dear Cornelia, the way you design the courses is just great! It is already my 3rd course that I am doing with you and this one is particularly important and DEEP ("Children under 7").

This approach is so different from anything else that is “on the market”. Everything is as conclusive and NATURAL as we can accompany our children. I definitely want to keep going. I have become even safer with my children, even though I am a teacher myself. This course is so valuable for parents and educators! "

“The exchange with you and other parents is very good for me personally! It is an extremely helpful balance to my professional life. The contents of the course help me to deal with the things of education more confidently. Especially when I no longer know how to react to my daughter. It also became clear to me in the course that we often treat our children like "small adults" by already demanding or even presupposing things from them that they do not (need) to be able to do in terms of development and brain technology. This perspective alone helps me to "understand my daughter from the inside" to support her in developing positively.

It is my opinion that even executives can learn a lot from the content of the course for everyday dealings with employees, because the course shows how we can create the basis for a successful and happy life. Certainly very helpful in terms of personnel management. "

“Everything we learn in the“ Children under 7 ”course is so coherent! He gives so much safety, to deal with aggression, unwillingness, fears etc., … It is so exciting to see that there is almost no difference between children and adults at the “relationship level”. For me it is also the 3rd course with you and especially this goes far beyond what I expected. Simply great! "


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