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You like our posts and you would like to publish a post on

We are glad to hear that. We would like to publish your contribution. So our community can benefit from many different strategies and approaches.

Please note that we only accept posts of very good quality on Sprachheld. Guest contribution proposals that do not meet our requirements will be rejected.

The following features should distinguish your guest contribution:

  • It should offer the reader a clear added value and be interesting.
  • Clear step-by-step instructions help the reader immediately implement what they read.
  • He should explore a very specific topic in detail.
  • It should contain at least 1,000-2,000 words and contain at least 3-4 pictures (videos also possible)
  • He should be a unique and not be published on another page (or will).
  • He may link to your website or other relevant pages (no affiliate links).
  • He should link at least two voice-hero articles.

This is what your contribution should look like (compare with our previous contributions):

  • He should be written in the “you” form.
  • Many subheadings should allow quick and easy navigation through the post.
  • Paragraphs should be short (maximum 4 sentences, better still less).
  • Easy to understand language, every middle school student should understand the article.
  • Be as specific as possible and use many examples.
  • Graphics / visualizations are an excellent addition.


Before you decide on a topic, please look at the contributions on speech hero. Check if the topic has already been written.

  • Tips and tricks to learn faster / better / more effective languages.
  • How do I improve certain skills in one language: listening comprehension, fluency, better writing or reading comprehension, etc.
  • How do I motivate myself to learn languages?.
  • Presentation and review of various tools, apps, software or methods to learn languages.
  • Subjects indirectly related to language learning are also possible.

Procedure and publication:

In our cooperation we take the following steps:

  1. If you would like to create a guest post, then send us an e-mail with 2-4 topic suggestions. Please never send us a full post! Send also an idea of ​​you and your website (2-3 sentences).
  2. Once we have agreed on the topic, you send us 5-10 bullet points so that we can tell you to what extent the contribution will fit.
  3. If the post fits, you get the green light to compose it.
  4. If you have sent in the finished contribution, you will receive feedback within a few days, whether it can be published or not.
  5. We adopt the publication and SEO optimization. We also link your post and share it through our channels (social media, newsletters, etc.).

Interest? Then write us now and let us work together. We look forward to your submission!

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