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It doesn’t always have to be the classic evening dress >

Festive clothing depending on the occasion

Are you going to the theater or has an invitation to the summer night ball fluttered into the house? Or is a wedding celebrated in the family or among friends? It could be that the son or daughter invites to the graduation party and the parents are asked to appear in festive clothes. There are always occasions for the big appearance, it just depends on how big it should actually be. A different category of festive clothing is certainly in vogue for the high school graduation party than for a visit to an opera premiere followed by a premiere party. However, there are now no more rigid rules for visiting the dress code. More and more you can see visitors in jeans and other casual clothes in the foyer of important houses. Normal, elegant day clothes can now be worn in the theater. Festive clothing is not wrong, however, only makes the special enjoyment of the event complete.

Pants or dress?

An evening dress can be sexy. A woman would not normally have as much skin as some evening dresses leave in her day wardrobe allow. But at night everything is different and anyway on festive occasions. If you don’t want to show as much décolleté and back neckline and you don’t want the slit in the skirt to the very top, you have the choice between a lot of elegant models that are either simple or extravagant, with the whole range in between. Evening dresses are not always long, they can reach up to or above the knee – they can even have variable skirt lengths. Long at the back and short at the front, clever ruffles, playfulness with fabrics and patterns – that can make a beautiful evening dress. But what do women do who do not feel at home in dresses and high shoes and prefer to wear pants? No problem, because even with long trousers, festive clothing can be conjured up. Fine fabrics and unusual cuts turn a pair of trousers into evening trousers, and if a festive top is part of it and a few glittering accessories round off the picture, the festive robe is perfect.

Festive clothing not without accessories

The most beautiful festive clothing does not come into its own if the rest is not right. The rest – that’s the hairstyle, the make-up, the jewelry, the shoes, the bag and what else is considered accessories to complete festive clothing. Hairstyle and make-up are extremely important, because if that doesn’t sit, the overall impression is quite impaired. An evening bag is a good way to get the impression of festive clothing from elegant day clothes without having to throw yourself into evening dresses, stoles and rhinestone shoes. Although this combination always looks wonderfully spectacular.

Festive clothing for children

If the whole family must appear in festive clothing for a specific occasion, then the children must separate from their beloved jeans. There may be jeans that are allowed under the keyword festive clothing, but this is not the rule. It should be something special if a fixed wardrobe is expressly requested on an invitation card.

With festive clothing for children there is now so much choice that both girls and boys can certainly find something that suits their personal taste. It doesn’t have to be a tie if the little boys don’t want to wear it. After all, at a certain age you don’t really care about your appearance. Ties are usually not the favorite clothing of underage boys.

Wedding Dress

Wedding clothing definitely belongs to the category of festive clothing. A dreamlike wedding dress for the bride, a chic suit for the groom. Cute dresses for the flower children and party wear for the invited wedding guests. The type of clothing that is desired is usually written on the wedding invitation. If casual clothing is expressly desired, it does not need to be too festive, but the wardrobe can be put together in a neat leisure look.


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