Guide with tips, tricks and useful information

Guide with tips, tricks and useful information

What can you find here on Helpful Info?

The website is a free guide that is aimed at all people who are looking for understandable solutions to different everyday situations on the Internet. To the visitors of this site in answering various questions and the solution of small & To help with major problems, we regularly enrich our free offerings with helpful tips, practical tricks, and lots of useful information that covers various facets of everyday life.

What belongs in the first aid kit?

If you are about to pack your bags because you are going on vacation, you should not forget the combination of a first-aid kit. But what really belongs in the firstaid kit, so that one is well looked after on vacation? Here you find the answers!

Athlete’s foot – symptoms, contagion and treatment by home remedies

Athlete’s foot is a widespread disease, in Germany alone around one in three adults is affected by athlete’s foot. Learn about the symptoms of foot fungus, how to get infected, and what to do to treat itchy feet.

Mosquito Repellent – What helps against mosquito bites?

Summer time is mosquito time! Here you can find out more about the annoying, itchy mosquito bites. In addition, you will find some tips on how to effectively protect yourself from the little bloodsuckers and what aids the mosquitoes do not impress.

Woodcock fighting – What to do against woodworms?

Woodworms are annoying pests that can damage old furniture and even the roof structure of a house. Here’s what you can do to combat woodcock and when to consult an expert.

Car keys imitated – What to look for?

Almost all drivers know the problem: The car key is untraceable, was either misplaced or lost. Here’s how and where you can have your car key copied if it does not show up.

Dispose of car tires – where to go with the used tires?

As a rule of thumb, tires should be replaced approximately every four years. Then, however, the question arises where and how the old tires can be disposed of. Here’s how you can get rid of your old tires or use them yourself.

Finder’s fee – which height is appropriate?

Every day many things are lost and found in Germany. Here you can find out, among other things, when you are entitled to a finder’s wage, how the statutory finder’s wage is regulated in the Civil Code and what finder’s pay is due to an honest finder.

Edible mushrooms – to collect, determine and prepare edible mushrooms

In late summer and autumn, it drives many people into the forest, because this time of year is the best time to collect wild mushrooms. Here you will find many tips on how to handle edible mushrooms from the forest and edible mushrooms that have been bred. When collecting the mushrooms there are, as well as when cleaning and preparing, very much to pay attention, so nothing stands in the way of a successful mushroom meal.

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