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All about guinea pigs

For generations of children, guinea pigs have been and are close companions on the way to becoming adults. Many adults still like to remember their beloved little rodents and the painful loss that they had to endure at some point. For me too, guinea pigs have always been dear friends who have accompanied me from the children’s room to the student apartment to this day.

Information and tips about keeping guinea pigs

Because friends keep asking me for advice on what they do Keeping of guinea pigs concerns and has to observe far too often that keepers their animals (mostly subconsciously) I want to inflict suffering on these pages Cavia Porcellus Domestica dedicate – to the domestic guinea pig.

This includes tips on the correct keeping of the Meersau the potential Diseases, from which an animal can suffer and how the owner recognizes them, as well as the various Guinea pig breeds. Because meersäue is far from being guinea pigs – there are ridgebacks, rosette guinea pigs, Dutch people, curlys, shelties and much more.

Guinea pigs knowledge – the cute rodents should always be kept by at least two people. Guinea Pig Knowledge is about questions and answers about the following topics:

Guinea pigs and their expected age

Guinea pigs don’t just delight children. Guinea pigs are among the most popular pets in Germany. As small rodents, they also delight families children. Guinea pigs are not only relatively easy to care for, their keeping is fairly straightforward and the bond with the small animal is fairly straightforward. The average life expectancy of a guinea pig is given as four or six to eight years, but they can also get older: How old do guinea pigs get? How old guinea pigs get is a very important question, after all, you bind yourself to them for the life of your little rodents (guinea pigs do not keep alone).

Where the guinea pigs got their name from

There are many different explanations for where the guinea pigs got their name from. The little rodents are called piggy quite often, except for the Spaniards, who call them conejillo de indias, rabbits of the Indian know. In English they are known as Guinea Pig.

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Besides rabbits, guinea pigs are pretty much the sweetest thing there is among rodents, you can only love them. &# 128512;

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